What are the Benefits of Turkey Citizenship by Investment? Expert Guide

In 2017, a program was launched which became very famous, and till now, it is famous. This program was Turkey citizenship by investment. Now almost 9000 people have a second passport from Turkey. With time, this number is increasing.

This article will highlight the advantages of having the second nationality of Turkey. However, many people are aware of these benefits. But there are still some benefits that most people are unaware of. So, let’s explore all these benefits in detail. For further help, contact experts of 7Sky Immigration.

How to Get Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

The Turkish government has announced a program. The name of this program is Turkey citizenship by investment. So, anyone interested in investing in this program can get nationality. The financial contribution of investors helps in the creation of jobs and brings foreign currency.

  • To determine the property, it is important to prepare an estimate report. Not only this, but the Market Board also needs to accept this report. The board should follow the estimation standards. To accept the report, the applicant must take help from a licensed expert.
  • You must ensure that the property you have bought to get turkey citizenship by investment will not sell for three years.
  • In case you sell the property before three years. Then your nationality will be canceled automatically.
  • You must have a reliable source of income in which you want to invest.

Advantages of Availing Turkey Citizenship by Investment

The main advantage of the Turkish nationality program is the approval of the application within three months. It means you don’t need to wait long to get Turkish nationality. Besides, you also don’t need to attend any interviews.

Not only this, the main thing is that you don’t need to visit Turkey for application approval. This way, you can easily get the nationality of your dream country. 7Sky Immigration will help you to get your dream life.

Strong Relations With The EU

There are many ways to discuss the relationship between Turkey with the EU. It is the belief of everyone that continuously increasing trade is the best way to strengthen this relationship. Now it is easy for Turkish people to apply for Schengen visas. This way, they can avail many benefits of moving to other countries.

What are the benefits of turkey citizenship by investment? It is the main benefit that we are discussing.It is not the benefit for foreigners but also for Turks.Turkish nationals only need to meet the general requirements. So, it is easy for Turks to immigrate as compared to non-EU.

Economic Benefits:

With time, the economy of Turkey is increasing. The stat of the last five years showed a YOY GDP growth rate of almost 3.85%. At the same time, the start of the previous five years showed the UK GDP growth rate of 1% less as compared to this. That is why Turkey has focused on economic growth and introduced economic plans. 7Sky Immigration will help you to give your dreams a life.

Not only the economy but the real estate of Turkey is also established. For this, you must say special thanks to the investment programs. House marketing in Turkey is continuously growing. The annual growth rate of this market is upto 16.2%.

Future Possibilities:

No doubt, many benefits are there when you get Turkish nationality. It is the fortune of Turkey that it is continuously growing. Many new agreements are on the way to sign. A recent agreement between Turkey and the UK has been signed. But due to some issues, this agreement expired. This agreement allowed Turks to immigrate to the UK.

Now, the Turk government is trying to obtain visa-free travel to the Schengen areas. It is the reason for the fame of the Turkish passport. The story doesn’t end here. Turkey is making its name in the tech industry. At the same time, it is among the leading countries of the world because of its oil and gas resources.

Lifetime Turkish citizenship for all your family members:

You are not alone in getting the nationality of Turkey. Your family members can also get Turkish citizenship. These members may be partners, children below 18, and other eligible children in the application. So, enjoy a new luxurious life with your family.


What are the benefits of turkey citizenship by investment? The main advantage is the high standard of education in Turkey. There are many universities in Turkey where students from over the world study. So, you have the right option available for your next generation.

Final Verdict:

What are the benefits of turkey citizenship by investment? People were unaware of the answer to this question. But now, everyone is aware of these benefits. However, Turkey is the most beautiful country and allows foreigners to apply for nationality. There are many ways to apply for nationality. So, you can choose the right way.

7Sky Immigration understands the benefits of getting Turkey nationality. That is why the company helps those who are interested in getting nationality. The company’s experts allow you to find the right way to invest. Besides, the company ensures a smooth journey of getting a second nationality. So, contact this company right now and avail many benefits.

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