Simple Steps To Get Property in Lisbon Portugal With Residence

Are you fond of living in Lisbon, Portugal, witnessing different attractive scenarios, and enjoying delicious seafood? If yes, then getting a property in Lisbon, Portugal, will be the best decision ever.

Why Should You Buy Property in Lisbon, Portugal?

Lisbon’s booming real estate market is a great place to invest in Portugal. They offer exceptional value, whether you want to purchase a new home in a desirable capital city area or an older flat in the city center to renovate and rent out.

With the passage of time, housing demands are continuously increasing as more and more visitors are settling down in Portugal, leading to increased prices. Due to the high market cost, making a sensible choice as per your requirement is necessary when investing in real estate in Lisbon.

But still, if you buy Property in Lisbon, you won’t regret it, as investing in real estate is less expensive as compared to other European areas and opens many doors for you. You will be able to get Golden Visa for Portugal, through which you can work, study and live in it for five years. Afterward, you can also apply for citizenship once you have lived at least 35 days within 5 years in Portugal.

Procedure for Getting Property in Lisbon

Following are the steps through which you can get Property in Lisbon, Portugal:

  • The government-approved firm will overview the market and choose a property as per the buyer’s requirements.
  • You will have to visit Portugal for viewing the property including the arrival meeting.
  • After selecting the property, your lawyer will work on the legal process and formalities on your behalf.
  • After that, you will get a tax number for opening a Portuguese bank account and purchasing a property.
  • Once the personal account is opened, you need to reserve your property by paying a 10% deposit out of the total price. The reason to do this is to ensure that you won’t sell your property to anyone.
  • After depositing the amount, you have to pay property transfer tax and sign the deed of purchase and sale.
  • Now you can register the property in your name.

If you need some assistance in getting Property in Lisbon. You can consult 7Sky Immigration, which is one of the Best Golden Visa Portugal Consultants and a government-approved firm. They will not only give you high-level advice but also assist you with the best solutions to meet your migration needs.

About 7Sky Immigration

7Sky Immigration has a team of skilled, qualified, motivated, and professionally trained consultants. T with years of experience providing specialized immigration solutions to ensure higher customer satisfaction and 100% customer retention.

For permanent residence in Portugal, you will make an investment, a part of the “Golden Visa Program in Portugal.” 

Once you get a Golden Visa, you get a five-year temporary residence permit. By just spending 35 days, you will be eligible for citizenship and can further apply to become a permanent resident.

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