Hungary Residencies by investment
Minimum Investment €300,000 (donation)
Real Estate N/A
Time to Residency 180 days
Visa Free Countries 180+

At 7Sky Immigration, we take care of your potential needs to find the best residencies around the globe. We are offering your Hungry residences by Investment to bring you suitable options. With the Investment starting from $300,000, you can get free visa access to more than 180 countries. It is not just about traveling freedom but numerous other securities.

Being a country resident, your rights will be secured by Hungarian law. It is possible to live free, earn, invest, and employ in the state. The procedures are transparent and straightforward, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Our immigration consultants at 7Sky Immigration are always there to support you and provide the ultimate guidance. We take care of the whole procedure from application to visa access and much more. It is the right time to open up new horizons of success and progress in life by acquiring a second residency.


  • Age must be over 18 years
  • Possess good health
  • Do not have any criminal record
  • Acquire special bonds with Hungarian Government having 5-year maturity
  • Valid and confirmed investment source

Process timeline

The overall process requires almost six months, including application verification, evaluation, and approval.


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