Everything to know about Turkey Citizenship by Investment program

Are you interested in visiting Turkey? If yes, you should apply to have a golden visa in Turkey. The Turkish government launched the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program in 2016. Usually, people seek foreign countries to obtain jobs. But the Turkish government invites foreigners to invest in the country and create job opportunities for the Turkish citizens. Here are the details regarding the process, eligibility criteria, and attractive features of the Investment program.

What is Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

The Turkey Citizenship program is also known as Turkey golden visa. The applicants can get the Turkey Citizenship By Investment within a short span of six months only. Foreigners can start an investment by purchasing real estate. Next, you need to keep your investment for at least three years. Besides real estate, there are several other options for investment also.

The main goals behind Turkey Golden Visa were to:

  • Attract the investors to the real estate
  • To create employment opportunities for the locals
  • Contribute to Turkey’s economy and development

Why are People Crazy about the Turkey Citizenship?

Turkey Citizenship appeals to investors and traders globally. Since its launch, thousands of people have taken advantage of the program. Here are some of the exclusive benefits mentioned that make the people crazy about Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment:

Faster Visa Application Process

Firstly, The applicants can get the visa smoothly in a shorter time. Now, you need not roam about the passport offices. The application is processed and accepted within 120 days only. Can you imagine any visa application so quicker? Yes, Turkey’s golden visa has made it possible.

Chance to Get Settled in Turkey Permanently

Secondly, the applicants can get settled legally in Turkey. The golden visa holder can get the benefits of Turkey citizenship. Even they are allowed to settle with the whole family. It sounds amazing.

Access to more than 110 countries Visa-free

Thirdly, Turkey is an important country due to its geographical location. Its city Istanbul is the only city that is located on two continents Europe and Asia. So, the investors can visit more than 110 countries worldwide without a visa.  

A Gateway to US E2 Investment Visa

Fourthly, Turkey’s golden visa holder can apply for the E-2 Investment visa In the USA. It means you can expand your business at lower costs.

A Gateway to the UK Businessperson Visa

The Turkish passport holders can create a pathway to British society as well. Turkish citizens can apply for a UK business person visa and get permanent residency in British countries.

However, Turkey’s citizenship by investment program holds several other hidden benefits as well.

Turkey Golden Visa Process

It’s quite easy to apply for Turkey citizenship by investment program. Here is the simple process to get Turkey Golden Visa:

Choose among the certified investment options

Visa consultants can guide you to the best option. Turkey’s government offers several investment options like:

  • Purchase real estate worth $ 250,000 or more.
  • Purchase Turkish Government bonds worth $500,000 or more.
  • Invest in Capital venture investment or funds shares worth $500,000 or more.
  • Develop a business infrastructure or company and give jobs to at least 50 people.
  • Deposit and hold $500,000 in the Turkish bank.

The period of any investment is at least three years. In simpler words, the investors should invest for a minimum of three years.

Get Qualification Certificate

To invest in real estate, it is necessary to authorize investment from the “Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry” and “Cadaster of the Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization”.

Set up an Account in a Turkish Bank

To proceed, it is necessary to set up a bank account and deposit the required money in that.

Get a Turkish Residence Permit

After the investment approval, you can immediately get the residence permit to live anywhere in the country. Moreover, to obtain the permit, investors can contact the Turkish Provincial Directorate of Immigration administration.

Finalize the Investment

At last, you need to complete all official documents required for investment. Finalize your investment and enjoy other benefits of the visa.

Apply for Turkish Citizenship

After completing the investment process, you can immediately apply for Turkish citizenship. The Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship will process this application within a four months period.

Can I Apply for the Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

Yes, anyone can apply for Turkish golden visa who commits to abide by the rules and regulations of Turkish authorities. Further, if you have the required investment, you are eligible to apply for it.

Bottom Line

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