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~ Travelling to the world is easier than you think.~

7Sky Immigration has an extensive portfolio of the countries we serve with our specialized immigration services. With our dynamic approach to take our customers best interests first and bring their visions to life without any hassle. The firm is stepping on an innovative way to take their clients to the most desirable destinations across the globe. Every time when an individual plan to relocate or travels abroad for either personal studies or settling down, the first thought that comes to his mind is to pick the country that fits his needs the most. There are numerous factors which can make your decision wrong and may result in you taking the wrong decision, one of the most important being the kind of visa you will need to acquire to reside in the destination you have chosen. You therefore need to consult the Best Immigration Company just like 7Sky Immigration, which provides a comprehensive and smart service to our clients to secure the best and most suitable visa.

The 7Sky Immigration is one of the very few firms that provide our clients with a comprehensive solution offering not just visa consultation, but also a complete system to assist them in managing their migration. This is done through our core services that are inclusive of a three-tier process. The first stage is to design your profile, after completing that a detailed proposal is designed and prepared. This is followed by the submission of visa by the applicant to the relevant authorities, which are then evaluated on their eligibility and suitability to satisfy the expectations of the applicant. The final result is the awarding of a visa by the concerned authority.



Visa Consultancy, Entrepreneurial Immigration, and Immigration by skill, Residencies and Citizenship by investment or non-investment and specialized Second Passport programs of all countries. Our team of professional immigration consultants and legal experts ensures you a hassle-free visa consultation. No matter whatever your goal is, our holistic approach will help you in achieving your goal in the shortest time possible. We are the pioneers of introducing Foreigners employment services in Pakistan. Our one-stop solutions are all you need for your immigration and visa-related endeavors.

At 7Sky Immigration, our mission is to provide you with reliable immigration services at a competitive rate. We have a no-discrimination policy. We will help you in realizing your dreams no matter what your age, gender, or budget is. Our customer-integration model allows us to offer distinctive solutions for each client. 7Sky Immigration is the best immigration and consultancy firm. This is all you will ever need.

Our Special features:

  • Fastest growing network
  • We are accredited
  • We have the 100% success ratio in Pakistan
  • We value transparency
  • We do not make unrealistic promises, we deliver
  • We offer value for money
  • We have a proven track record of great customer satisfaction
  • We have the 100% rate of customer retention



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157-P, Mini Market, M.M Alam Road Extension, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan


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24/7 Hours


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