Bulgaria Residencies by investment
Minimum Investment €511,000 (donation)
Real Estate N/A
Time to Residency 180 days
Visa Free Countries 170+

7Sky Immigration always prefers to come up with a significant opportunity for you in making your way for immigration. Bulgaria is one of the states that offer you permanent residency through investment. It helps you secure the status of the second resident in the country with limitless opportunities and benefits.

The resident has to make a five-year investment bond of almost EUR 512,000 in general. The investment bond can vary from private equity to trade funds, capital investment, and stocks. All these investment zones are well growing and let you have the opportunity to double up the investment. Along with a safer living environment and economic stability, Bulgaria offers you visa-free travel to more than 188 countries.

At 7Sky Immigration, we offer you dedicated services for the Bulgaria residencies by investment. Our team helps you prepare the documents to apply and much more.


  • Age 18 or above
  • Transparent income source
  • Good in health and having no contagious disease
  • Investment funds
  • No criminal record
  • Not seeking refugee but making investment

Process timeline

It possibly takes almost four to six months to process the documents and move forward with the residency.


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