USA Immigration
Minimum investment $500,000
Real Estate N/A
Time to Citizenship 2 years
Visa-Free Access 180+ Countries

Immigration to the USA seems to be a dream for almost everyone who wants to live abroad. It is like a jackpot that very few people can hit in their lives due to certain limitations. 7Sky Immigration is coming up with an opportunity for you to hit this lucky pot.

Our immigration consultants offer you to apply for the USA Immigration with business or entrepreneur investment. The program offers you to request immigration and citizenship with your family. All you need is to showcase your business structure, potential business expansion, or a business proposal in the States.

The keynote is to develop a business or investment that will create employment for at least 10 USA residents qualified for the job. It seems one of the common interests that the USA has in the program. The core is to increase the employment opportunities for qualified professionals. Moreover, it is a source of more business investment and operations in the states.


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