Turkey Citizenship & Second Passport by Investment
Minimum Investment N/A (Donation)
Real Estate $250,000
Time to Citizenship 90 Days
Visa Free Access 110+ Countries

Get Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan from 7Sky Immigration

Pakistan is going to make an agreement with Turkey related to a second passport. So, the people of Pakistan can get Turkey second passport services in Pakistan. In the same manner, Turkish people can also get Pakistani nationality by investment. This agreement seems to be useful for both countries. To get better second passport services, you can hire 7Sky Immigration.

Further, when you get Turkish nationality, then you can get many benefits. The main benefit that you get is obtaining residency and citizenship. Moreover, Turkey investment program not only helps you to obtain nationality. You can also enjoy visa-free travel, healthcare, and educational facilities.

Why Have Turkey Second Passport Service In Pakistan?

Turkey is the main country that is continuously emerging in the market. Further, it is also an amazing place for the Turkey Investment Program. The reason is its geographical area and worldwide economic power.

When we talk about dual nationality, then it is true that some countries allow it. At the same time, some countries don’t allow dual nationality for their citizens. So, if you want to get a dual nationality in any country. Then 7Sky Immigration helps you to get nationality without leaving Pakistani nationality.

Choosing Turkey 2nd Passport Consultant at 7sky Immigration

Now, it becomes easy for Pakistanis to get Turkey Citizenship by Investment. So, if you get services from 7Sky Immigration, then you will get:

Professional Advisers

When you hire this company, then you will get professional advice. The expert advisers help you to get Turkey Citizenship by Investment.

Investment and Real Estate Consultancy

After hiring 7Sky Immigration, you will be able to decide where to invest your money. You will get knowledge about your expectations, budget, and purpose. You can also get help in property report checking, property registry process, and drafting of the sale. So, you should get Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan.

It is important to hire Turkey 2nd Passport Consultant to do your things in the right way. The consultants of this company help you in an agreement of investment. You can also get help in getting a tax ID, creating and submitting an application. Further, the consultant also helps assist you in getting Turkey Citizenship by Investment.

Maintain Confidentiality

You don’t need to take tension about the privacy of your information. 7Sky Immigration helps you to keep your information private and doesn’t share it with others.

Sincere Advice and Transparent Process

Suppose you want to get sincere advice from the experts. Then this company is the best option that gives you proper advice about your process. So, it becomes easy for you to get Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan. The company helps you to get a clear record of your application.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process

If you are interested in Turkey Investment Program, then you can obtain the following benefits:

Talk to Our Advisers

If you want to get help to obtain Turkey Citizenship by Investment, 7Sky Immigration can help you to get a hassle-free process. This company helps you in the whole process, from investment to getting a passport.

Further, the Turkey 2nd Passport Consultant helps you in each step of getting nationality. The company also checks whether you have submitted your application properly.

Choose the Best Property Option:

No matter whether you choose the commercial or residential property. Further, this company also helps you to choose the best investment option. So, you can get the Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan. It will help you to buy property according to your criteria and budget.

Purchasing the Property

When you have decided to buy a property, and the seller is ready to sell it. Then Turkey 2nd Passport Consultant helps you with all the legal procedures. These include the assurance of property, taxes, charges, land registry, debts, and much more. So, the consultant purchases property of your choice on your behalf.

Apply for the Residence Permit

The main requirement to get Turkish nationality is to have a residence permit. So, once you have decided to get the nationality of Turkey, the Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan will help you to get a residence permit. After that, you will be able to apply for the nationality program by investment.

Apply for Turkish Citizenship

When you get a residence permit from the Turkish government, then you can also apply for Turkish nationality through an investment program. For this, Turkey 2nd Passport Consultant shares all the documents with you. So, you need to complete all the documents to apply for citizenship.

Receive a Turkish Passport

Once you have applied for nationality, then after two months, you can enjoy the benefits. Now, you are a citizen of Turkey and can enjoy education, healthcare, and other benefits. Further, you can also establish your business in the USA and UK. Then you can relocate your family to any country for better business opportunities. So, you must get the Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan.

Feel Free to Contact Us!

7SkyImmigration is the best company that helps you in the complete process of getting nationality. We are the main Turkish law company that is working all over the world. We also have many years of experience in this field. So, we can understand the ends of all customers and try to fulfill them.

We have experienced lawyers that will help you to get Turkish nationality. So, you can hire us if you want to get Turkey Second Passport Service in Pakistan.  


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