Residencies by investment Greece
Minimum Investment €250,000
Real Estate N/A
Time to Residency 30 days
Visa Free Countries 26+

Greece is one of the attractions for the people who love to travel through multiple landscapes. When you have access to acquire residency in Greece with investment and live there as a resident for around five years, then there is nothing that could be better than this. The Golden Visa program by Greece is one of the successful programs in the European Region.

The country lets you grab the opportunity of having a possible shift in your status from residency to citizenship under certain conditions. With the minimum investment of EUR 250,000 for five years to 10 years, you can access the residence in the country.

7Sky feels proud to help you explore the investment opportunities to process the application papers for the program. We connect you to invest resources and make your way to live a smooth and pleasant life in Greece.


  • Age must be 18 or above
  • Should have good health
  • Able to make an investment in different programs
  • No criminal record
  • Should follow the regulations
  • Application approved by the government of Greece

Process timeline

It usually takes six months to process all the papers and fulfill the formalities to access the visa grant.


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