Canada Immigration
Minimum investment ca$300,000
Real Estate N/A
Time to Citizenship 2 years
Visa-Free Access 188+ Countries

At 7Sky Immigration, you will find an excellent opportunity to apply for Canadian immigration under the supervision of the best immigration consultants. We bring you the chance to apply for immigration to Canada with your family based on business investment.

The Canadian Immigration by business investment program is quite different from the other investment programs. You’re not supposed to invest in any real estate or currently an operating company in this program. It is more about bringing more business and a potential job market for graduates there. It is one of the significant interests that government has in these programs.

You can come up with an independent business project or have partnerships. Our consultants at 7Sky Immigration helps you in knowing the best opportunities of all time. Using the guidelines and focusing on what can be best for you, it turns out to be an effective plan. Eventually, you can access Canadian citizenship by immigration right in time.


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