Benefits to Apply for Long-Term Turkey Citizenship by Investment

In 2017, the Turkey citizenship by investment schedule was launched. Almost 10000 people have participated in this program and gotten a Turkish passport. They have invested and are now living the luxury life while some people are also trying.

Here we will discuss many benefits that you can get from Turkey nationality. We will also discuss some unknown benefits of becoming a Turk. So, it will help you to live a luxurious life in Turkey.

Get to Know About Turkey Citizenship by Investment:

In 2017, the government of Turkey launched the famous CIP. Then in 2018, the government decreased the investment required for nationality. Further, the most popular investing program is real estate all throughout the world. So, it was increased from 1$ to 250,000$.

There are many factors that make this program more popular among all. It is offered at an affordable price, meets the timeline, and is very simple. The CIP of Turkey depends on simplicity and efficiency, so you must do the following things:

  • Create a certified investment
  • Apply for the forever home
  • Apply for nationality
  • The complete process takes three to four months. For this, documents are required, and the applicant must include his partner or family in the application.

The Main Benefits of the Turkish Passport

If you want to get a Turkish passport, then you should apply for the Turkey Citizenship by Investment. For this, you can check many companies that offer this program. One of these companies is the 7Sky Immigration. The following are the benefits of Turkey citizenship:

Enhanced Global Mobility

Everyone wants to go to other countries, but it is difficult for them. If you have a Turkey passport, then you can enjoy visa-free travel to 111 countries. In these countries, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar, and many others are included.

Simple Program

We have discussed that Turkish CIP is a very simple process. Then you will be surprised to see many impressive impacts of it. When you check the list of the program, then it is hardly 1 page. But when you want to proceed with the whole process. Then you need someone to work on your behalf. In that case, you can first have Turkey Citizenship by Investment in any firm.

The investment ensures you a full safe process to get a passport. While if you select real estate, then you may become tension-free from any risk. Now Turkey is trying to get a visa-free approach to the Schengen area. So, it will make the Turkish passport more valuable and famous around the world.

Passed Down to Future Generations

Many people want to get Turkish nationality for themselves. Besides that, they are also trying to make their children’s future brighter. In this case, Turkish CIP is very important to work under the citizenship act. So, Turkish nationality can easily transfer to the next generation. It means a Turkish passport can benefit you and your family.

High Living Standard

The most important thing about Turkish citizenship is that it offers a high living standard. You can get your luxury home to live in Turkey after investment.

The following are the factors of the high living standard:

  • Best healthcare center
  • Business land
  • Inexpensive living cost
  • Variation in climate
  • Great meal
  • Fast internet
  • Many activities to do

You must consider all these factors while going to any country.

Economic Benefits

You can see that the economy of Turkey is increasing day by day. It was seen that the economic rate in YOY was 3.84% in the previous five years. At the same time, the economic rate in the UK was  -1% in the previous five years. Through these stats, you can get knowledge of Turkey’s economy.

The real estate program is becoming famous day by day. You must feel special thanks to the CIP and the famous investment platform. Further, the home market of Turkey is also growing and becoming famous. Its growth rate has reached up to 16.2% annually.

It is said that in 2023, you can see two main changes in the Turkish economy.

  1. First is the end of Lausanne Turkey, which has been a hindrance in the increasing economy for 100 years.
  2. Second is the increase in energy because Turkey has found the energy source. So, it will start making a profit in 2023.


When you decide to get a passport through Turkey citizenship by investment, then you decide to live the dream life with all facilities. Now, you can get nationality and take education in Turkey. It is true that in Turkey, education is very vast for migrants. Turkey is continuously improving their education centres like universities.

Further, the upcoming generation can get an education in different fields. These included architecture, medicine, engineering ICT, and much more.

Moreover, you can get tuition in Turkey at an affordable price if you want to take English courses in the public sector. Then you have to pay almost  600-1500 USD a year. If you are interested in taking Turkish courses. Then you have to pay less, almost 240-750 USD a year.

Future Possibilities

When you become a citizen of Turkey, then you have several possibilities. These will never end because Turkey is continuously growing. A new agreement starts taking place in the Ankara agreement and looks more interesting. The Ankara Agreement expired because of Brexit, which has improved trade.

Further, the tech industry of Turkey is continuously growing and improving. Besides it, gas and oil reserves are also becoming the main part of the industry. It means soon Turkey will become the leading country in the economy. But the main thing that you must know is that Turkey always keeps all things surprising. So, you must apply for Turkey citizenship by investment.

Final Verdict:

We have concluded that getting a passport through Turkey citizenship by investment is easy. After getting a passport, you will get many benefits that you have never thought of. Some benefits are revealed, but many are like hidden gems. So, the need is to explore these benefits to make your life easy.

7Sky Immigration is the best company that can help you to get a Turkish passport. It knows how beneficial Turkish nationality is. The company has the deep details of the CIP program and gives a proper investment plan. Further, the company ensures you that your process will be easy and simple. So, don’t waste time and contact this company to get Turkish nationality soon.

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