How to Get Netherlands Citizenship by Investment? Hire an Expert Immigration Team

How to get Netherlands citizenship by Investment? We will highlight the answer to this question in detail, as many other countries are offering residence permits to foreigners. So, the Netherlands is also offering this permit to those who want to invest in Dutch businesses.

For this, they need to invest almost 1.25 euros in business, economy, and funds or create jobs. The duration of this permit is almost three years. The Netherlands is not like other countries. It judges the investment cost based on the point system.

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Citizenship By Investment

You can make an Investment in the Netherlands for Citizenship. For this, you need to live in the Netherlands for five years.

After this period, you will be able to apply for nationality. Another requirement is that you must understand and speak Dutch. Most of the cases ask you to cancel your current nationality.

How to Apply?

How to get Netherlands citizenship by Investment? It is the main question that we will answer in detail. First, you need to get an MVV or provisional residency permit. But some countries don’t need to obtain this permit. These include the US, Japan, and South Korea. The applicant has to apply for MVV and residency permit at a time. Then these applications are transferred to the Dutch embassy.

After three months, you can make the final decision. If your application has been approved, then you have to go to the Netherlands. Besides, you also need to have health insurance and a TB test report. The duration of this permit is almost three years.

To apply, you need to invest almost 2,100 euros. You can submit this amount in English, Dutch, French, or German.


The passport of the Netherlands is the best all over the world. It allows investors to enjoy visa-free travel to 186 countries.


Due to the central location of the Netherlands in Europe. It is among the top countries for business. Not only this, but it is also famous for its friendly environment, education, low tax, and much more. Now, the country is trying to improve its educational system, healthcare system, and more.

Citizenship by investment options

How to get Netherlands citizenship by Investment? Are you worried about it? No need to worry anymore because we are always here for your help. You can get the nationality of the Netherlands without disrupting your life.

7Sky Immigration offers many programs to invest in. All these are reliable and clear. So, you can choose any of these programs to invest in the Netherlands.

You can get detail of each program from the experts in this country. The professionals advise states to focus on a strategic location and investment programs. This way, the company is assisting many countries around the world.

The company allows governments to design, implement and position Citizenship by Investment. It is the main benefit that customers can get from this company.

The naturalization procedure for obtaining Dutch citizenship

People living, studying, and working in the Netherlands are eligible for the naturalization procedure. But it is only for a specific duration. It is also available for those managing their business in the Netherlands.

The following are some conditions for Investment in the Netherlands for Citizenship and to get your own citizenship successfully!

  • The applicant must be over 18 and have lived in the Netherlands for five years legally.
  • Must have the valid residency permit
  • Applicant must speak and understand Dutch
  • No criminal history in the last five years
  • Must exit the home country nationality
  • He must attend the nationality ceremony

While there are some exceptional cases that allow getting nationality, this may be if you are married to a Netherlands national. Besides, you can also live for three years in the Netherlands. This case applies only if you are not married to a Dutch national. But you can get nationality if you live for three years in the Netherlands.

Many documents are essential for the applicant for application submission. This may be a valid residency permit, birth certificate, and ID. 7Sky Immigration helps you to know the cost and procedure of naturalization.

Final Verdict:

How to get Netherlands citizenship by Investment? We have discussed this answer in detail. No doubt, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to invest in Dutch businesses. So, if you are also interested in a startup or a new company, then it is the right time to invest in the Netherlands nationality. However, the country has the best location in Europe. So, most people are interested in investing in this country.

The applicant not only needs to meet some conditions for a permit. He also needs to meet some general requirements. The experts of 7Sky Immigration help you in each step of getting nationality. So, contact this company now and turn your dream life into reality.

Applicants must understand the conditions for applying for nationality. The main issue is that foreigners need to apply for a residency permit first. This way, he can get nationality. So, make an Investment in the Netherlands for Citizenship with the expert immigration company!

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