Netherlands Citizenship By investment Program

Check Out the Options of Investment in Netherlands for Citizenship

Suppose you want to live and work in Netherland. Then the best way is to get a passport to live in that place. So, you must know the requirements for this permit. You should also see the process of submitting your application.

Now, you can get a residence permit in any European country. Similarly, Netherland is offering this residence permit to foreigners. So, it is important for them to invest as much as they can.

They also need to invest in the Netherlands’ economy and also do jobs. You can also get an investment in Netherlands for Citizenship. Further, this residence permit is applicable for 3 years. So, we suggest you must choose the services of 7Sky Immigration to get a license!

Why Prefer Netherland for the Netherlands Golden visa?

The Netherlands is a country with the most suitable geographical place. It is renowned for its windmills, channels, and cycling. Further, the government also has the best substructure. This is linked between land, sea, and air. So, it is good for you to prefer a Netherlands Golden visa.

Dutch industry is famous for its food processing, chemicals, and refining. It is also renowned for its IT, financial and electrical services. Almost 90% of citizens of the Netherlands speak the English language. Further, you can invest in any industry like IT and other sectors.

Ways for Investment in Netherlands for Citizenship:

You can also say golden visa as getting nationality by investment. It is for those foreigners who are interested in the minimum investment. Further, foreigners can also obtain visas who buy property in Netherland. It is essential to first check the investment policies and process before investing your money in getting Netherlands citizenship!

Once you apply for the Netherlands Golden visa, then you and your family can get the residency permit. So, you can renew it for many years by maintaining your investment.

Commonly, when you decide to get a golden visa from any country. Then you don’t need to live in that country for a long time. So, you can live in your country until you relocate to the other country.

While if you want to get permanent residence in the Netherlands. Then you need to get actual residence for almost 5-10 years.

Benefits of Achieving Netherlands Golden Visa

Once you get a golden visa by investment program, then you get several benefits from this investment. You have the chance to travel to different countries, including the Schengen zone. Further, a golden visa also allows you to avail visa-free travel. So, you can travel to almost 100 countries without a visa.

Further, you must make a significant investment to become eligible for a golden visa. For this, you can invest from hundreds to millions of dollars. It is exciting to make an investment in the Netherlands for Citizenship.

It is a big fortune for you to get consultancy from the best company. 7Sky Immigration is the best company having experts. So, they can help you with accountancy, residency, investment, and nationality. Investors that live in any other country can also get benefit from this company.

Can You Achieve Netherland Residence by Investment?

Yes, it is true that you can make an investment in the Netherlands for Citizenship. So, once you live for 5 years in the Netherlands, then you can easily apply for permanent residency. After getting a permanent residency, you can renew it whenever you need.

It means you can renew your permit, but you don’t need to get the new one. Several countries don’t need the applicant to stay in that country. So, an applicant can get permanent residency without any stay.

How You Get Citizenship by Investment?

We don’t guarantee you citizenship if you get a Netherlands Golden visa. To get the nationality, you need to stay for some time in an EU state. In comparison, each state has different requirements to allow citizenship. But it is good for you to get the residence for 10 years.

Several countries offer you nationality after some years. Greece can allow you to live for 7 years and get nationality.

How Much Investment Is Required for a Golden Visa?

The amount requires to invest in getting citizenship is different for all countries. Countries like Spain, Greece, and Portugal allow investing in real estate. You can also invest in government bonds and other investment programs.

While several countries, such as Switzerland, Italy, and Austria, need much investment. You need to create job opportunities and buy a property. So, choose the best company for investment in the Netherlands for Citizenship.

Requirements for Obtaining a Golden Visa

Different countries have different eligibility requirements. But the following are the common requirements:

  • You should have an amount that you want to invest
  • The money that you want to invest must be earned legally
  • You should not have a criminal history
  • You and your family should live in the country where you want to get residence

Why Choose 7SkyImmigration Team?

Suppose you want to make an investment in Netherlands for Citizenship. Then it is suggested you choose the best company. For this, you must take the services of the 7Sky Immigration team.

The experts of the company will give you a free consultation. Further, this company is offering you almost 18 options in the world. The experts will give you advice and help you in the complete process!


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