Where To Get The Best 2nd Passport Service In Pakistan

Having a second passport opens gates for a plethora of opportunities for any citizen. However, looking for the best 2nd passport service providers in Pakistan is an arduous task. Since every passport provider claims to provide their customers with the best service, it is hard to filter the right one of them. 

If you are planning to apply for a 2nd passport in Pakistan, you can get the following benefits:

  • 2nd passport is the key to unlocking many financial services internationally.
  • It gives your kids an opportunity to study abroad.
  • They get a good chance of overstaying their visas.
  • With a 2nd passport service in Pakistan, you can improve professional and personal security.
  • With the benefits of having a 2nd passport service in Pakistan, you can improve the quality of life greatly with better medical and educational advantages.
  • This can unlock new business opportunities as well.

How to get the 2nd Citizenship in Pakistan

All countries have different requirements for getting 2nd passport while in Pakistan if you are looking for it. You need to have maintained the following things:

  • You should have a clean criminal record in your country.
  • You should have legal documents including NIC, passport, and other documents.
  • You have to invest in any program laid by government.
  • You need to show the legal source for investment.

Though there are different requirements for the agency you are collaborating to get your 2nd passport in Pakistan, they may ask for more documentation, you have to visit them or their website pages for more queries. On the list, we have mentioned some must-have things to get 2nd citizenship passport.

If you have only a Pakistani passport, you cannot travel to more than 33 counties, it does not have a much-demanded passport. Due to lack of opportunities, Pakistani people have to travel to other countries to open the gateway to a myriad of opportunities personally and professionally. Not only this, but most citizens don’t feel safe in here and to have a more secure future they travel abroad. They also find it better to get an education in other elite countries. They understand it well to have a 2nd citizenship passport however the main goal is to have a bright and secured future ahead.

How to Acquire Citizenship by 2nd Passport

Different countries offer different ways to acquire citizenship. By the Law, there are some standard ways to acquire citizenship.

1.      Citizenship by Investment

This is considered to be the best way to acquire citizenship in any country. By investing in any program introduced by the government, you can become a dual citizen. The investment programs and the amount of money to invest varies from country to country, some countries also offer residence along with the high investments. The amount of investment is either utilized as a donation for the government funds for the improvement of the society or can also be used to purchase a real estate.

2.      Skilled Immigration

This is another great way to get citizenship in another country. If you are professional and skilled in some field required by the company situated in another country, you will be called to join their team or lead the team. Professional individuals who seek skilled immigration are offered free residence and food by the company they work for. They are also given a plethora of professional opportunities by the same company or others in the same region.

3.      Residency by Investment

If you are looking for permanent citizenship in any country of your choice, this is the best option to go with. It is the way to get residence abroad. It requires an investment in real estate to acquire second citizenship. Wealthy Pakistanis look for the option. While you don’t have to purchase an entire property abroad. The government offers a variety of investment options, you can choose any. Some countries are changing their policies to keep and attract residents.

4.      Business Immigration

It is similar to acquiring residence through investment. You need to make an investment of a particular amount in the pre-existing business in the country you are looking for a 2nd citizenship in.

2nd Passport Service in Pakistan

There are many passport services providers in Pakistan that offer different programs to get 2nd passport. We are going to enlist the best 2nd passport service providers in Pakistan.

●       7SkyImmigration

7SkyImmigrantion is one of the great service providers in Pakistan. They claim to process the 2nd passport within 90 days or less and you can travel any country. They specialize in providing efficient passport service for immigration, residency by investment, and passport by skills. Residents in Pakistan rely on 7skyimmigration because they are experienced in the legal processing of the second passport.

Choosing 7skyimmigration will benefit you in the following ways

  • Low passport service fee
  • Quick turnaround
  • Variety of programs to offer
  • No discrimination policies
  • Fast-track options for investments
  • Wide range of countries
  • Visa-free travel
  • Uncover the opportunities to work and live in other countries.
  • Tax benefits


If you are looking for a quality and effective passport service in Pakistan, DGIP is all you need. They focus on systematic process, digitalization, improved facilities, and effective procedures to initiate the process faster and save you from any obstacle to unlock great future opportunities. Whether you need a 2nd passport urgently or in a certain time duration, you can apply for it. Besides 2nd passport service, you can have a range of other services.

By Choosing DGIP, you can avail following benefits::

  • Quick process
  • In-depth information on any queries
  • Cooperative staff
  • You can ask for the passport status
  • They have a global presence
  • Unlock 26 different countries visit.
  • They have different programs for you for investment.
  • Inexpensive and quality service.


Though there are many 2nd passport service providers in Pakistan, 7skyimmigration and DGIP are the main figures that have been offering their exceptional services for years and have thousands of customers already have secured their futures with their assistance. Next can be you!

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