Portugal Second Passport Service in Pakistan

Moving abroad to unlock a range of facilities is a wise thought! Get second passport Portugal services in Pakistan, many reputable agencies are offering you their exceptional and fast service to get this job done. If you are looking for a second passport for Portugal, you are on the right page. Later in the article, we are going to share about the passport companies that can help you, how to apply, what are the requirements, eligibility criteria, and the benefits of to moving Portugal.

Thousands of individuals want to move to Portugal because it boosts a great reputation. Portugal is also considered one of the most peaceful and globalized nations in the world. It offers high standards of living and owns a high Human Development Index Ranking. Portugal is enlisted as one of the oldest nations of the world with rich infrastructure, vast and stunning beaches, and beautiful countryside.

Why do you Need to get Second Passport Portugal

Well, a Portuguese passport holds immense importance, it is strong! It is capable to attract individuals around the world, families, ex-pats, and investors as well.

While the process to acquire a second passport Portugal is, however, complicated, but in Pakistan, many agencies make sure to provide quick service to open a gateway of the facilities and a bright future in Portugal.

If you are planning to have a second passport to Portugal, you can obtain the following benefits:

Live, Travel, Work and Live in Portugal

Not all countries in the world offer all facilities but Portugal does this is what makes it stand out among the rest. The second passport of Portugal eliminates the requirement of having an additional visa requirement. Portugal is also in UU nation, so you will get an option to explore the country as more as possible by either by living, studying, or working there – you have no restrictions!

Portugal gives you access to top-notch medical facilities and education as well

Most people in Pakistan have to leave the country due to limited medical and education resources hence, this cannot be back-burnered. Portugal is the leading nation that offers many reputable educational institutions. Every year hundreds of Pakistani move to Portugal for the completion of the post-graduate programs. The schooling system is exceptional there. On the other hand, Portugal has also become the center of attraction for people looking for professional medical procedures and surgeries. Over the last few years, it has transformed into a medical tourism spot.

Improved Quality of Life

It is doubtless that Portugal is admiring, the beauty of the country contains an alluring charm. The rich infrastructure, huge buildings, and beautiful beaches are all enough to improve the quality of life. It has much to offer but unlike many other western countries, it doesn’t break the bank. It is relatively affordable whether you want to live or study there.

You can get lifetime Citizenship in Portugal

That’s true! You can now get the permanent identity as Portuguese for holding the citizenship for life. Passport if Portugal is spotted sixth on the list of most powerful passports in the world. Passport holders are allowed to travel to 186 countries and they don’t require a visa.

What are the Requirements to get Portugal Citizenship after Getting a Second Passport?

If you have already applied for the second passport, and you are currently a resident of Portugal, you are required to spend six years in the country including the year of permanent residence. On the completion of 6 years, you have more chances to get permanent citizenship in Portugal. Besides this residency period there are a few more requirements:

  • You have to be 18 or older to get permanent citizenship in Portugal.
  • You should be fluent in the Portuguese language
  • Need to have a clean criminal (SCF certified) and health record.
  • Evidence of your residence in Portugal.
  • You also need to clear an A2 language test that the government of Portugal has created.

If your spouse is Portuguese, it gets easier then, the condition of residency in Portugal is eliminated. You will get your passport within 3 years.

How to Apply for a Second Passport Portugal in Pakistan?

Some companies and embassies assist Portugal passport processing. They primarily encourage you to invest in some programs laid by the government of Portugal. Several investment programs in the country are designed to attract foreigners. This scheme speeds up the process. The investment programs are variable.

Portugal Second Passport Service Providers in Pakistan

Following passport service providers in Pakistan can help you get a second passport in Pakistan.


One of the fastest and efficient second passport service providers in Pakistan. You can get your passport within 90 days. Their programs enable you to invest in real estate as low as €280,000. You can get citizenship for 5 years. 7skyimmigration has changed the world for thousands of Pakistanis.

  • They are efficient and quick
  • They are globally recognized figures
  • Eensure to have a smooth process
  • Visa-free travel
  • Travel 185+ countries

Embassy of Portugal in Pakistan

Pakistan also has an embassy, which deals with passports regarding Portugal. It solves several issues as well including missing passports, renewal of passports, etc. the embassy is situated in Islamabad aims to strengthen the bilateral relationship between these 2 countries. They have a variety of programs for you to choose from, whether you want to study in Portugal, want to live or work there, or you are willing to start your business there, you are welcome there! They have come up with two types of Visas. “Startup Visas” are for the individuals who want to start their innovative programs of entrepreneurship in Portugal. “Startup Tech Visas” are for those who want to work as qualified staff.

  • The service is inexpensive and fast
  • They have a variety of amazing plans.
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Cooperative staff.


Getting a second passport Portugal in Pakistan is, undoubtedly, a wise choice. Embassy in Pakistan, 7skyimmigrant, and other many providers are looking your ways to assist you the best. They have different attractive plans to offer. Compare their offers and prices before finally deciding.

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