Procedure to get Turkey 2nd Passport By Investment:

Turkey has exceptional people, historical sites, delicious cuisines, and vibrant culture and lifestyle. In addition to this, it has an important geostrategic location. It has borders with Asia and Europe. No doubt, it is a country where everyone wants to live.

Getting Turkey 2nd passport by investment is not as difficult as you think. All you need is consultation and guidance to end up with perfect outcomes. 7Sky is right there to help you with immigration and consultation. Let’s check out the essential details about the procedure here.

In 2016, Turkey announced its citizenship through an investment program. In January 2017, the Turkish Government launched it officially.  The primary motive behind this program was to attract foreign citizens for direct investment to better Turkey’s real estate sector. In 2018, the Turkish Government reduced the investment figure to attract more investors.

Procedure to get Turkey 2nd passport:

To get the 2nd citizenship of Turkey, you have to go through the following stages:

Eligibility criteria:

To get a passport to Turkey, the eligibility criteria are straightforward. Once you fall on the eligibility criteria, you can easily get the Passport within 2 to 3 months.

Age limit:

For gettingg the Passport the applicant should be 18 years of age or older than 18 years.

Criminal record:

The applicant must not have any criminal reco

rd if he wants to get the Passport. Furthermore, it is important that he never stayed in Turkey illegally. His character should be good and clear.

Pay the taxes:

A person interested in gaining the Passport of the Turkey should pay all the taxes and payments required for this process.

Documents required for citizenship:

Besides falling on the eligibility criteria, a person should have the following documents to get the Turkey 2nd passport:

  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • Passport of the country he is living in
  • Residence proof that includes the utility statement
  • Colored passport pictures and biometric
  • If the applicant is married, his marriage certificate
  • Divorce or death certificate of the spouse if have any
  • Proof to show that the applicant has no previous criminal record
  • Health insurance
  • Investment proof of 250,000 dollars into a Turkish bank account or in client’s lawyer account
  • Tax ID Number of Turkey

Investment requirement to get Turkey Citizenship:

To obtain the Turkey passport, an investor can select one of the options from the following options:

Purchase of real estate cost $250,000:

It is the most common and appropriate method. In this process, you can buy any property in the form of a house, apartment, or industrial land. Furthermore, it is not compulsory to purchase land that costs $250,000. You can buy various lands that collectively cost $250,000.

$500,000 or more deposit in a Turkish bank:

You can deposit your money in a currency that Turkish banks accept. It’s your savings, and you will also get the interest on the deposit.

Buy national securities of $500,000 worth:

You can get government bills, bonds, and investment funds that cost $500,000.

Buy government bonds worth $500,000:

Buy government bonds worth $500,000 to get the Passport of Turkey. It is obligatory to keep these bonds for at least 3 years.

Purchase investment funds worth $500,000:

For three years, purchase the investment funds worth $500,000 to get the Passport.

Launch a business with the capital of 500,000 dollars that creates at least 50 jobs:

For getting the citizenship of Turkey, you can also launch a business with a net worth of $500,000. It is also essential that your business creates minimum of 50 jobs.

One thing is for sure that your investment is secure. You can get back your investment after 3 years of gaining citizenship.

Advantages of Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment:

By getting the Turkey 2nd passport by investment, you get the citizenship of Turkey and other benefits. Some of the significant benefits are following:

Live, Study, and Work:

The citizenship of Turkey allows you to live in Turkey. Furthermore, it also offers you to study and work in Turkey as your own country offers you. As Turkey passport by investment also grants the visa to your family members. Thus, the stress of your child’s education or job will release. Your children can easily get admission to any school in Turkey to get high standard education.

Visa-free travel:

Due to the geostrategic location of Turkey, it has bilateral agreements with world countries. You can get visa-free access to more than 110 countries by getting a Turkish passport.

Citizenship to the UK:

By getting Turkish citizenship, you also have the opportunity to move to the UK. After getting a Turkish passport, you can easily apply for a UK business visa. And if you want, you can get British citizenship eventually.

Work Opportunity and E2 investors visa USA:

For the people of the Republic of Turkey, the United States of America has an open border for Turkey’s businessmen. Therefore, once you get the Passport of Turkey, you can also move to the USA for business through the E2 investor’s visa policy.

Don’t need to Declare your Assets:

For getting the Passport or visa of any state, you have to declare your assets in most cases. While on the other hand, to get the Passport of Turkey, you don’t need to display your wealth. They keep your privacy at the top.

Free Medical Services:

For Turkish citizens, Government provides free medical services. After getting the Turkey 2nd passport by investment, you and your family get free medical services.

Inheritance law:

Turkey has a favorable inheritance law. Thus, you don’t need to worry about inheriting the real estate from your heirs after your death. The Government of Turkey ensures that your property passes down to your heirs in a smooth way.

No Military Services:

 The citizens of Turkey are bound to serve the military. But for the 2nd passport holders of Turkey, this mandatory military service is not compulsory.

Bottom Line

Without leaving your current citizenship, you can get the Passport of Turkey through Turkey 2nd Passport by investment. 7Sky is helping you to secure your investment for a better and digger return. The method to obtain the Passport of Turkey is straightforward. There are no hidden procedures or charges you have to bear in the process.

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