What are the Benefits of Portugal Residence by Investment?

What do you think about the investment programs in Portugal?

Most people find it hectic to go through the citizenship program independently!

So how are you going to tackle this challenge?

The easiest approach is to hire a reliable company. After getting nationality, you avail the benefits that you never think about!

Establishing a new business in Portugal is a very easy process. You need to take help from 7Sky Immigration. The professionals of this company assure you of the hassle-free process of getting citizenship.

How to Avail Portugal Residence by Investment?

Portugal is among the famous countries that are the best place to relocate. It is famous because of the real estate’s weather, climate, and value.

The government of Portugal allows foreigners to obtain a golden visa by investment method. So, it attracts many investors to invest capital in the economy. You can also get Portugal Residence by Investment.

Who should apply for Portuguese residency?

If you are wondering about the perfect criteria to apply for Portuguese residency, then being a foreigner is all you need. If you are a foreigner, you will need a visa to study, work or live a normal life in a European country.

Once you get your visa on hand, you’ll be able to access the Portugal Residence by Investment. This way, you can apply for a residence permit and use your visa for the initial steps. One thing important for the residence permit is for you to exist in Portugal physically.

What if You Come from European Country?

Well, if you are coming from a European country or you are a European national, then the need for a visa is omitted.

The requirement for a visa in order to live and work is no longer in demand as you are a European national. So you’re done with the procedure of getting your residence permit.

So, what’s next?

Get your registration first! It will allow you to have access for the next five years.

Value of Portugal Residency by Investment:

When people look at the European region, they consider Portugal as one of the most successful residential investments. This is why they prefer to invest in the schemes designed according to Portugal’s policies. The visa exhales to Portugal are also known as the Golden visa program. With this program, you can invest in Portugal.

You can choose among many ways which apply for the golden visa investment. However, the most prominent one is through real estate. People trust this the most since it is easier to access and relatable for all.

All they need to do is invest in certain properties that will help them earn their profit in the long term. Moreover, if you do this through the Golden Visa program, you will have the luxury of enjoying relaxed residency requirements hold.

How long is Portuguese residency valid?

The validity of a temporary residency permit is one year from the date of issuance. It may be extended for a further two years and then for an additional two years.

You can apply for a residence visa after five years of temporary residency (or citizenship). Every five years, a permanent residency permit must be renewed. SEF Portugal: Portugal Residence by Investment may be of interest to you as well.

But what are the benefits of living in Portugal?

The benefits are unlimited!

You can,

  • Live and work in one of the world’s safest nations
  • Take advantage of affordable real estate compared to the rest of Europe.
  • Visa-free entry into the Schengen Area
  • Benefit from excellent healthcare, education, and quality of life.
  • After five years, apply for citizenship.
  • You can go for dual citizenship if you desire.

Final Verdict:

You are well aware of the luxuries that people look for while locating in European countries. Imagine the margin of benefits that you can achieve by being citizens of a European country. This investment will be worth your time. You will be able to travel to more than 171 countries without needing a visa.

The process is designed by 7Sky Immigration to keep your needs aligned. You will have a team of professionals assigned that will handle the situation in a convenient manner.

Believe the fact that you are in safe hands!

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