How to Get Netherlands Citizenship? Productive Ways

Do you know that 55% of people prefer to get Netherlands citizenship?

Well! That’s a fact!

The reason behind getting Netherlands citizenship is the business and living benefits.

-But unfortunately, people face several difficulties while getting it!

Basically, it’s not easy to get permanent citizenship. However, We are here to provide you with solutions and ways how to get Netherlands citizenship.

First, come to know about the benefits of choosing this citizenship.

Benefits of Netherlands Citizenship

Netherland is not only a beautiful country. It also offers you many benefits that you can avail for your family and yourself!

The following are the benefits that you can get from nationality:

  • After getting nationality, you become a legal citizen of the Netherlands.
  • The nationality of the Netherlands allows you to travel to different EU countries.
  • After getting nationality, you can vote in elections
  • You have the chance to enjoy healthcare facilities
  • Nationality also allows you to become a police officer. You can also apply for mayorship.
  • You can also pass your citizenship to the next generations

How to Get Netherlands Citizenship?

The following are the ways that help you to know how to get Netherlands citizenship:

  • Investment
  • If you were born in the Netherlands
  • Option process
  • If you marry a citizen of the Netherlands

Further, when you get nationality in the Netherland. Then you have the option to travel to other European countries to study and work.

How to Apply for Dutch Citizenship?

Applying for Dutch citizenship in the Netherlands:

When you are applying for Netherlands citizenship. Then you have to go to the municipality to initiate the application process.

Also, the municipal community forwards the application to the immigration service.

Applying for Dutch citizenship abroad:

Suppose you want to apply for nationality and live abroad. Then you have to go to the Dutch embassy and apply there.

But how it works for you?

Well! For this, you also have to take the civics test at the Dutch embassy.

Dutch citizenship by marriage:

The other way to get nationality in the Netherlands is if you marry a Dutch national. Then after 3 years, you can apply for the nationality.

Though you have the right to live with your Dutch partner as a couple for 3 years, you don’t live to be in the Netherlands during this period.

But what if you are not living in Netherland?

At that point! You can count the time you live as a couple towards 3 years. It should be necessary that your partner is Dutch when you apply for nationality.

Civic Integration Exam for Dutch Citizenship:

Suppose you want to get citizenship in the Netherlands. You need to pass the civic text. You also need to get the integration certificate.

But what is the motive of this exam?

Actually, The aim of taking the exam is to check your skills in reading, writing, and listening to the Dutch language. If you apply for nationality using the options process. Then you don’t need to pass the civic test. It is how to get Netherlands citizenship.

Suppose you take a test but fail in some parts. Then no worry because your passed parts are saved. So, you can join these parts with the next passed parts. Further, you also need to pay to take this test.

Does The Netherlands Allow Dual Citizenship?

Though the process of getting nationality in the Netherlands is very difficult, it is based on many factors that need to be considered. So, you should hire 7Sky Immigration to get help if you want to get Netherlands nationality.

Then you have to renounce your current nationality. While if you get nationality by birth, then you can avail dual nationality option.

Each country has different requirements for offering dual nationality. Most countries ask you to go to military services to get nationality.

Final Verdict:

How to get Netherlands citizenship?

It’s a common question that most Netherland lovers want to ask!

As We have discussed the answer to this question in detail. Now, you will not have any confusion related to this question.

Though getting dual nationality is not a simple process. For this, you have to leave your current country. If you don’t do it, then your previous nationality will be renounced automatically.

7Sky Immigration is a well-known company and also helps you to ease your process of getting Netherland nationality.

So, don’t waste time and hire this company right now!

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