What Should You Know About Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

If you are interested in getting a Portugal residency from 7Sky Immigration, then the best option is to invest in Portugal, and one way is the Golden Visa. It is the most famous way to get dual citizenship in Europe. No doubt, Portugal is the most beautiful country with historic architecture.

Further, it has beautiful locations, weather conditions, and high-quality living standards. These things make it the best place to live with your family. Besides having these features, the country also offers you Portugal Citizenship by Investment. It not only provides you with residency but also gives you many other benefits.

The visa program is very beneficial for those who want to invest. So, you can get residency in this country by following the requirements. Here, we will discuss the process of getting residency by investment method!

The Process to Follow For Portugal Citizenship by Investment:

Suppose you have decided to get the nationality of Portugal by Golden visa. Then you must be 18 years old with good health and have no criminal record. You should also need to confirm your investment in any of the programs. It is possible that you can apply as an individual or as a family.

When we talk about the family members that are eligible for nationality, then they can be your spouse and children under 18 years. Further, if the parents and any of your children above 18 are dependent on you. Then there are also eligible for nationality.

Before going to apply for nationality in Portugal, we suggest you must consider 7Sky Immigration for a better experience. It is good for you to hire a company that is approved by the government. It is because many scamming companies are available on the internet.

Simple Steps to Follow:

Everyone desired and wanted to get Portugal citizenship. Not only because of the benefits of living in Portugal, but so the healthcare concerns has the country given many advantages.

When applying for the Portugal Citizenship by Investment, you have to follow the following steps:

  • After you find the approved company for the proceeding of the application process, then the agent checks your passport and charges you a fee to apply.
  • After that, the agent asks you to bring the approved documents needed for the application. It is the responsibility of the immigration agent to translate your documents into the Portugal language. The agent also helps you to send your documents to the Portugal Embassy.
  • Then you have to go to Portugal to invest in any program. It can be real estate, business, property, and funding. You also need to provide fingerprints, images, and biometric data.
  • After returning to your home, the investment is transferred to your bank account in Portugal. So, you can buy any property there to get nationality.

Benefits of a Portuguese Residency Card:

Till now, we have discussed the potential way through which you can apply for a golden visa by investment. Now, it’s time to explore the benefits of applying for Portugal Citizenship by Investment:

Freedom of Movement: 

When you invest in Portugal to get the nationality, then you have the freedom to travel to any country like Schengen Areas.

Health & Education:

Investors can easily enjoy health and education facilities in Portugal. The family members can also live and enjoy such facilities.

Minimal residency required:

It is the requirement for the investor to live almost a week in Portugal to get residency.

Pathway to citizenship:

After investing in real estate and knowing all the basics of Portugal, the investor can become eligible to get nationality after five years.

High-ranked passport:

No doubt, a Portugal passport comes under the top 5 passports all over the world.

Ease of travel:

After getting citizenship, you can enjoy visa-free travel to different countries. It means you have free access to almost 185 countries.

Final Verdict:

As we have discussed, the advantages and processes to getting citizenship in Portugal. So, it is good for you if you get the services of the approved company. In that case, 7Sky Immigration is an ideal option who have several expert consultants. They can help you in achieving Portugal citizenship.

Using the services of this company, you can easily get Portugal Citizenship by Investment. It helps you in the entire process of applying for citizenship. So, you can enjoy yourself along with your family in this country!

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