Portugal Residence by Investment – Become Portugal Resident

Most people want to get Portugal citizenship, but how. It is the main question that almost everyone wants to know. Getting Portuguese nationality is not a difficult task. You just need to invest in any way to get the nationality.

Are you interested in living in Portugal for your whole life? Well! You should go to any investment method to get permanent residence. To get permanent residence, you have to live almost 5 years in Portugal. While if you desire to obtain citizenship, you need to live for six years in Portugal. You can also get citizenship in three years if you marry a Portugal citizen.

No matter whether you get citizenship or permanent residence, you can avail many benefits. But remember, both of these are somehow different from each other. If you just want to live in Portugal, then you can renew your residency. After renewing, you can live in Portugal for an indefinite period. But having citizenship offers many benefits, so you must go for the application for citizenship. 

In this article, we will check out everything about Portugal Residence by Investment. We will also tell you about the whole process and the fee you need to pay.

Who Can Avail Portuguese Citizenship?

To get citizenship in Portugal, you need to know the whole process. The reason is that for each country, the conditions are different. If you are from the EU and outside the EU, you must know the conditions. But it is true the whole process is very simple for EU nationals. So, you must see this article to know the immigration process of EU citizens.

If you are from a non-EU country, then you can also get benefit from the nationality law of Portugal. In 2006, Portugal modified its nationality law. In this law, Portugal has decided to offer nationality to non- EU nationals. The following are the other categories that can get citizenship.

Brexit and UK Residents

If you are from the UK, then how does leaving the UK impacts your right to move to Portugal? It is a query that has not been responded to yet. However, the UK is a member of the EU, so the British can apply for nationality and residence.

But if they get only residence, then it is also enough for them. Further, if you get Portugal Residence by Investment and don’t exit the UK till now, then you can also avail benefits of living in Portugal without any issue.

Citizenship Benefits in Portugal:

The benefits that a Portugal resident get is similar to the Portugal national. Both of these can:

  • Take part in full time and part-time jobs or work without having a permit
  • Get an education and study in any country in the EU
  • Purchase property in Portugal
  • Get Portugal social safety advantages and pensions

The following are the other benefits that a Portugal citizen can get:

  • Portugal nationals can take part in elections to vote
  • Can also get a Portugal passport by investment
  • Can get EU nationality and travel to numerous nations without a visa
  • Get the chance to live, work and study in other EU states

Though the need to get Portugal’s nationality is much more elevated than the residency, further, the passport for Portugal is also very costly.

Some countries don’t allow you to get dual nationality. It means you need to leave the nationality of your current country. While some countries allow you dual citizenship even if you don’t leave your current country!

Can You Get Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

Yes, if you apply for a Golden visa, then you can get Portugal Residence by Investment. It means you can also get nationality after 5 years of residence. Though acquiring citizenship via a Golden visa doesn’t need you to live in Portugal. For this, you just need to live there for one or two weeks in a year.

Though besides other things, you must be eligible to prove you have a steady income. You also have to succeed in a basic language test. After living in Portugal for two weeks, you become eligible to get nationality.

Citizenship by Investment

It is the best way or program that a Portugal government has started. It helps foreigners to easily get citizenship by investment. The Golden visa is the best initiative that helps foreigners to easily get nationality and citizenship. So, if you have a Golden visa, then you can claim for the fast process of getting citizenship.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed how to get Portugal Residence by Investment. Though getting a permanent residence is not an easy process. But once you get residence, then it becomes easy for you to obtain citizenship.

After that, you can enjoy many benefits, whether related to health, education, or others. Besides it, you can also enjoy visa-free travel to many countries. To get help in the whole process, you can take the services of 7Sky Immigration.

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