Everything to Know About Portugal Golden Visa by Investment

Now, you can get a golden visa by investment, which is also known as a residency permit. This residency permit is mainly created for non-EU citizens. Indeed, Portugal is a beautiful country with a landscape. It also has wide coastlines, a warm climate and friendly people. Further, the cuisine of Portugal is very tasty. In short, you can enjoy high-quality life at a very cheap cost.

Due to these features, the country is the best place to invest. So, you can get Portugal Golden Visa by Investment. After this, you can enjoy high living standards, work and study in Portugal. We will discuss many benefits of choosing the golden visa by investment. We will also discuss how 7Sky Immigration helps you.

Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa:

When you think you need Portugal residency. Then the best option is to invest in getting a Portugal visa. The reliable thing is that you don’t need to be in Portugal. You can get a residency permit by living in your country. You just need to live in Portugal for a week. After 5 years of getting a permit, you can apply for nationality. It is a fast process to get nationality in Europe. The following are some benefits of getting a Portugal Golden Visa:

Travel and Visa-Free Countries

Once you get a golden visa then, you can be registered in Schengen areas. It means you can enjoy visa-free travel to other European countries. After 5 years, if you want to get the nationality, then you can also get a passport. Through this passport, you can travel to over 188 countries without a visa.

Living, Working, and Studying

After getting a Portugal visa, you can live, work and study in Portugal. While if you want to permanently live in this country. Then it is vital for you to get medical insurance. You can also enjoy medical and educational services after getting a visa.

You can explore many private and government schools in Portugal. Then you can study in British and American schools. Further, the work permit also allows you to start a business anywhere in Portugal.

Family Reunification

If you are the applicant to get Portugal Golden Visa. Then you can also extend this visa to your family. The process of applying for a visa is fast for the main applicant and their family. The following are the family members that can apply:

  • Partner
  • A child who is under 18
  • Parents if they are above 65
  • Dependent child under 26 but ensure that he is unmarried and student

Citizenship and Passport

When you get Portugal Golden Visa by Investment. Then you can also apply for nationality but after 5 years. The following are the requirements to get nationality:

  • You should not be a tax holder or don’t have to give tax
  • No criminal history in your country and Portugal
  • Passed basic language test in Portugal

Tax Benefits

You don’t need to pay tax in Portugal if you live only for a week. While if you live more than 183 days in Portugal. Then it is vital for you to give tax to the Portugal government. Once you give tax, then you become a tax resident.

Suppose you decide to move to Portugal to become a tax resident. Then the country is offering you favorable tax rules. According to the non-habitual residency system, you can get a tax release for 10 years.

Type of Portugal Golden Visa

The following are the options for getting a Portugal Golden Visa.

Real Estate Acquisition

Suppose you want to invest in less populated areas in Portugal. Then you need to invest 20% less than the required amount. You must consider the real estate acquisition that is 30 years old when you buy property in urban areas of Portugal. Then you can restore it to the minimum value.

Using the real estate option, you don’t need to buy only one property. After investing, you can buy multiple properties at a time.

Company Investment:

You need to create almost 10 new jobs for the Portuguese citizens. But remember, you must be the main applicant to get citizenship. You also need to create 8 jobs in less populated areas as the main applicant.

Further, you also have the option to invest in Portugal’s business. Here, you need to create a minimum of 5 jobs for 3 years.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed getting Portugal Golden Visa by Investment as we know that investment is the best option to get nationality. So, if you are a non-EU citizen, then you must apply for a golden visa. After getting a visa, you can enjoy high living standards, jobs, studying, and more.

After 5 years of getting a visa, you can apply for nationality. But firstly, you should check which golden visa is the best for you. Then you should make an investment of a minimum amount. To get help in the whole process, must consider 7Sky Immigration!

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