Why People Want to Have Turkey Citizenship by Investment? 

Turkey is a greater attraction for foreigners. It is an ever-growing state in terms of education, research, business, and several other opportunities. So, investors look forward to getting Turkey Citizenship by Investment. Turkish visa allows visa-free travel around the globe. Moreover, Turkey has been negotiating with the European Union. The goal is to allow Turkish citizens to travel without a visa in the Schengen area.

Several other benefits attract investors to Turkish Citizenship by Investment like:

●       Access to Worldwide Visa-Free Travel

Beginning with, Turkish citizens can travel without a visa worldwide. This facility traps people around the world. Turkish citizens can travel to nearly 110 countries without a visa.    

●       Can Apply for E-2 Investor Visa to the US

Turkish administration allows the citizens access to the E-2 investor visa. Turkish citizens can get settled in Europe by applying for this visa. There is no limit of investment for an E-2 visa. Investors usually invest from one million dollars to $ 250,000. Some might have invested more than that.

E-2 visa holders cannot apply for a green card. This visa is valid for 5 years. If you want to extend your visa, it can be done for the next two years.

However, you can create an opportunity for getting citizenship in the United States. If the investor increases the investment in American currency by nearly up to $800,000, there can be a chance to apply for a green card. Investors have to invest in the American currency or create at least 10 jobs while holding an E-2 visa. If these conditions get fulfilled, the investor can open a gateway to apply for a green card and EB-5 visa. 

●       Social Benefits

Turkish citizens can avail free medical and educational facilities. Citizens can get free medical treatments in the country. Furthermore, Turkey citizens can get free education at Turkish institutions. These social benefits attract foreigners to get Turkey citizenship by investment.

●       Other Relaxations

Investors can keep the Turkish visa as second citizenship. It means that they need not skip the current nationality. There is no condition for the investors to stay within Turkey. Further, unlike many other investment-based visas, investors need not pass the language, culture, or history exam of the country. Investors receive a lot of other relaxations with Turkey citizenship.

●       The Simpler Visa Application Process

Just think of applying for a visa to Europe, or any other country, it is truly tiresome. Traveling around the globe has been getting tougher now. Complicated regulations of the destination country and tougher criteria of visa offices keep the people frustrated while visiting the visa regulatory authorities. However, the process of availing a Turkish visa by investment is simpler. There are no hidden and pinching laws that may frustrate the investor. The administration has simplified it. Walk in and apply for the Turkey Citizenship by Investment, and here you have.

Who can Get Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

Anyone who fulfills the conditions of Turkey’s citizenship by investment can apply for a visa. Further, any person who has not been convicted or violated the Turkish immigration law can apply for a Turkish visa.

Nonetheless, nationality holders of Armenia, Nigeria, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria cannot apply for this program.

How can I Apply for Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

It is quite easy to apply for this program. You can choose anyone way among the following options:

  • Purchase real estate in Turkey for $250,000 or more
  • Have a bank deposit of nearly $ 500,000
  • Purchase of government bonds worth $500,000
  • Purchase investment shares worth $500,000
  • Invest in a new business with a minimum amount of $500,000

7sky immigration can help you apply for an investment visa. After a successful application, you can get the visa within 3 to 6 months. 

Bottom Line

Easy and simple visa application criteria appeal to the investors to Turkey. Turkey has diverse investment options for everyone. E-2 business visas can become a gateway to settling in the United States. You can get settled with the whole family there. Further, the Turkish visa regulatory authority keeps releasing new programs to attract foreigners.

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