Which Property in Lisbon, Portugal Can I Buy?

Are you looking for purchasing property in Lisbon Portugal? If yes then you are in the right place as this guide will let you know the type of property you can purchase in Lisbon.

Reason To Invest in Lisbon’s Real Estate

If you are wondering why should you invest in the real estate market of Lisbon, then the reason lies in the situation of the market itself.

The Portuguese economy was facing a severe economic crisis back in 2008. Therefore to recover from the loss, the Portuguese government introduced Portugal Residency By Investment back in October 2012. The main purpose was to attract international capital from foreign nationals.

In other words, you won’t have to face any restrictions for investing in the real estate of Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has much to offer that everyone desires. From the Affordable cost of living to the wealthy culture and lowest crime rate to the favorable climate, Lisbon is a perfect spot for tourism and property purchase. You can get a lot of different incentives and earn a huge profit through it.

Once you buy a house in Lisbon, you won’t have to pay inheritance tax and can get various fiscal benefits after retirement.

Types of Properties To Purchase in Lisbon

Following are the types of properties you can purchase in Lisbon:

  • Villas

There are different types of Villas within different price ranges you can witness across Portugal. They are usually, preferred by those who want to spend the holidays with their family.

  • Townhouses

As compared to Villas, Townhouses are a bit different as the gardens have fewer wide spaces.

  • Resorts

If you are fond of playing golf and looking to get a building for leisure activities, then you should consider plenty of resorts in Portugal.

  • Apartments

As compared to others, apartments are one of the best and most recommended choices for the selection of the property whether you want to live in Portugal for a lifetime or for a limited time period.

In case you are looking for buying a property in Lisbon Portugal. You should consider CasaPark which is the recently launched residential project of 7Sky Immigration.

Features of CasaPark

The following are the salient features of CasaPark:

  • 4 Studios + 4 T1 apartments + 8 T2 apartments
  • 2 T3 apartments
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Wood and ceramic floors,
  • Frames with thermal protection and double glazing
  • A/C
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Private parking

Advantages of Investing in CasaPark

With the passage of time, CasaPark is getting popular amongst different investors due to the luxuries and benefits it provides. CasaPark is the ideal property in Lisbon Portugal that anyone wants to buy.

The first and major advantage of buying any of the apartments will open the doors for getting a Golden Visa for Portugal through which you can live, work, and reside in Portugal for five years, along with your family. After residing for a minimum of 35 days, you can further apply for Portugal Citizenship with the help of 7Sky Immigration, the best Portugal Second Passport Consultant in Pakistan.

Besides this, the location of CasaPark is near the newly built Montijo airport, so you won’t have to travel far away if you need to leave Portugal on an urgent basis. And also, you can access Allegro Shopping Center where you can purchase daily life products and items at an affordable cost.

As CasaPark is strategically located in Montijo, therefore, it won’t be a problem for you to access other different facilities such as health care and public and private schools within a short amount of time.

Not only this but the quality of life in Lisbon, Portugal is extremely exceptional and it is a highly family-friendly region.

Therefore, instead of keep waiting, get a free comprehensive consultation from our immigration consultants and invest in CasaPark if you want to unlock a lot of rewarding opportunities.

In conclusion, CasaPark is the best option for you If you want to buy property in Lisbon Portugal

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