Turkey Citizenship & Second Passport by Investment
Minimum Investment N/A (Donation)
Real Estate $250,000
Time to Citizenship 3 Months
Visa Free Access 110+ Countries


Step 1

7 Sky immigration will pre-screen your passport copy for government pre-approval. A down payment of the professional fees is required to open your application. The response is in 24-48 hours.

Step 2

Our professional team will assist and advise you with the collection of the documents required according to the Government checklist.

Step 3

We will guide you to properties that match your criteria and are marked only as top quality, from reliable developers. You will make a choice, and the purchase and transfer of property procedure will commence.

Step 4

We will help you choose a valuation expert that is licensed by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and get your chosen property evaluated. The purchase must be completed by registering the applicant’s own name on the property and annotating the promise to not sell the property for at least three years.

Step 5

After a safe purchase and valuation and before the completion of the application, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Affairs will confirm if the value of your investment both in the registry and in valuation exceeds $250,000. A residence permit needs to be taken from the Directorate General of Immigration Authority that is specific for investors.

Step 6

We will complete and check the file of your application and send them to İstanbul for an official checking of the file via mail. After your files are complete, the evaluation process for the application will be initiated by the Directorate of the Civil Registry of the city in which the residence permit is taken.

Step 7

The General Directorate of Civil Registry will forward the application file to the National Intelligence Agency of Turkey, and the Agency will conduct a security background check. If the security background report by the National Intelligence Agency confirms the suitability security-wise, the Ministry of Interior will validate the application and direct it to the Presidency of Turkey.

Step 8

The Presidency of Turkey will grant Turkish citizenship to the applicant after receiving the confirmation of application from the Ministry of Interior, officially. The Presidency’s granting of Turkish citizenship to the applicant will be published on the Official Gazette and go into operation.


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