Canadian immigration by investment 2021

Canadian immigration by investment 2021:

Canada is at the top of the list of most popular countries for immigration. Ever wondered why Canada is a popular destination for immigrants? There are numerous reasons due to which Canada is a very attractive destination for immigration. Canadian immigration by investment 2021 But before going into the particulars of that but let us first discuss why Canada accepts so many immigrants?


The answer is simple. It needs immigration as much as the immigrants need it. The average age of the population in First World countries is moving up as the life expectancy is increasing with the advancement of healthcare facilities and a comfortable tech-savvy lifestyle. This means that the birth rate in these countries is declining over time as the baby boomer generation is aging. Canada citizenship by investment Program, Canada immigration residence Benefits.

According to an estimate, by 2040 25% of the Canadian population will be at least 65 years old. Currently, in Canada, the population growth rate is 1.4 percent annually which is the highest in history in the history of Canada and among the G7 countries. This growth rate is majorly attributed to the immigrants. In 2019, Canada accepted 300,000 immigrants which are expected to rise to 350,000 immigrants by the year 2021. 57% of immigrants arrive here as skilled workers. This accounts for a major contribution to the economy. Despite the soaring rate of immigration, Canada still requires more immigrants due to two main reasons:

Shortage of skilled workers 

Due to labor shortages and high costs of skill and development, Canada accepts skilled professionals to fulfill the demand of the market.


Ever wondered why most of Canadian immigrants belong to third world countries? Why their acceptance rate is high? The answer is simple. Skilled workers from third world countries are more cost-effective to hire than professionals from first world countries including residents. Companies save huge amounts of money this way.

But the question remains: Why you should immigrate to Canada and what benefits you will get? We are stating 5 major benefits of immigrating to Canada that will help you understand your prospects better.

Multi-cultural environment 

Canada has a mosaic approach to multiculturalism. Here people belonging to different cultures and ethnicities live in harmony. Canada is an inclusive country but despite that, it is still maintaining its cultural heritage and religious practices. In this melting pot of cultures, it would be easier for you to blend and in and assimilate the norms of your new home.

One of the best healthcare and social services 

Canada has a huge budget for healthcare and social services. It is ranked as 18th country in the list of countries with the best healthcare system. The social services in Canada are countless. Some of the notable ones include income security, disability support, social housing, employment assistance, and indigenous affairs.

World-class education 

Canada spends on education more than any other industrialized nation. It is ranked as the highest educated country in the world. 54% of Canadians have a post-secondary education. The framework of its public education system is regarded as the best one in the world. It is also home to five universities that are ranked among 100 best institutions in the world.

The rapidly growing tech industry 

Canada has one of the fastest-growing tech industries. The government supports and invests in tech industries massively. It is a heaven for tech-based skilled professionals. This place is also an epicenter of innovation, especially Artificial Intelligence.


Canada is the 10th safest country and 6th most peaceful nation in the world. This ranking system is based on the statistics measuring political stability, militarization, diplomatic relations, homicide rate, and terrorism. It is also well-known for firm gun-control policies and a friendly approach towards foreign diplomacy.

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Canada immigration residence Benefits 

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