Why Invest in Netherlands Citizenship by Investment?

If you are interested in investing in Netherland or the Dutch business, then the best option is to get nationality by investing. It means foreigners can easily get citizenship by investing. It is an ideal opportunity for those who want to start a business. After investing, you can avail of different facilities in Netherland. It is the best country with an excellent location in Europe.

You should not only fulfill the residency requirement of the country if you want to live in Netherland for a long time. Then you must fulfill the general conditions for getting nationality. 7Sky Immigration is a reliable company that assists you in the whole process. So, you don’t need to think about getting nationality through other ways.

You must know the requirement for the application process. It is because each country has its requirements. The main issue that foreigners face is getting of residence permit. So, in that case, you can get help from a reliable company.

Investing in the Netherlands to Get Citizenship:

Foreigners who desire to live and invest in the Netherland. They must apply for a residence permit to get nationality. Applicants need to live for almost 5 years under this permit. Then they will become eligible to apply for nationality.

The conditions of a residency permit are different from an employment permit. It is important to get a permit from a reputable company. Further, the conditions are based on the investment that an applicant makes in Netherland.

Explore the Conditions to Follow for Netherlands Citizenship:

There are certain conditions that everyone needs to follow while applying for Netherlands Citizenship. It doesn’t matter where they are living; they need to follow every requirement and condition. The following are the conditions to apply for Netherlands Citizenship by investment.

Minimum investment amount:

To invest in a Dutch business,. For a personal situation, you can’t invest in real estate.

Valuable investment:

You must make a valuable investment. It means the investment should be related to the Dutch economy. The Netherland Agency evaluates your investment.


You can also invest in a bank account in the  Netherland, and it is called capital investment. But make sure that your investment comes from legal means.

Applicant’s situation:

You should also ensure that you are not living illegally in your country. It is also essential to provide correct information.

So, if you want to get the nationality of the Netherland, 7Sky Immigration can help you.

Requirements for residency by investment in the Netherlands

Now it is easy for foreigners to get Netherland nationality. It is only possible for those who have invested in Netherland. After investing, you have to live for some time in Netherland. This period can be almost 5 years. Then you can get citizenship after obtaining a residence permit.

Besides considering the main requirements of getting Netherlands Citizenship by investment. The applicant should also meet the general requirements given below:

  • Applicant must have a valid passport
  • Having a qualification certificate
  • Should have a report of tuberculosis test

You can also get information about another requirement by hiring the best company.

Dual Citizenship in the Netherlands

You must know that you cannot get a dual nationality in Netherland. It means if you have been living abroad for almost 10 years. Then you have no right to get Dutch nationality. So, you have to give up your current nationality. Then you will be able to apply for Netherlands citizenship by investment. So, you will live and enjoy different facilities and rights in Netherland.

While in many cases, you are permitted to get dual nationality. So, you can get help and information about it from experts. They will help you to know the conditions when you can apply for dual nationality.

Final Verdict:

If you already have citizenship in any country. Then you need to give it up to get Netherlands Citizenship by investment. While if you lie under some exceptional conditions. Then you can consult different experts. They will help you to get dual nationality without giving up your current nationality.

7Sky Immigration is the most famous company that helps you in getting citizenship in the Netherlands. So, it’s time you should hire this company and get a better experience!

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