Why Approach Netherlands Citizenship by Non-Investment?

Now it is very easy for foreigners to get nationality in the Netherlands by investment. They just need to invest in the Dutch business or in the fund. No doubt, it is an amazing opportunity for those who want to start their business.

So they can easily invest a significant amount in the Netherlands. This way, they can not only start a new business in the Netherlands but also get nationality.

What are you waiting for? Avail of this opportunity now and get a luxurious life in the Netherlands.

Though there are some conditions for the investment program that applicants need to be fulfilled. Not only this, but the applicant also covers the general conditions if he wants to stay in the Netherlands for a long time. 7Sky Immigration has expert lawyers that assist you at each step of getting nationality.

Each country has different conditions, so the applicant must understand all the needs. The main issue is that many foreigners have to apply for a provisional residency permit in the Netherlands. So, you can take help from expert lawyers to apply for the permit. This way, you can easily get Netherlands Citizenship by Non-Investment.

Conditions for residency by investment in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is offering nationality to those who have invested in any startup company or fund in the Netherlands. Once you have invested in the Netherlands, it is time to live in the Netherlands for five years. But for this period, you need to have a residency permit.

Not only investment conditions are important that applicants must meet. There are also some general conditions to get Netherlands Citizenship by Non-Investment. These may be:

  • Applicant must have a valid passport
  • He should sign a background certificate
  • Must have tuberculosis test report

The applicant needs to invest almost 2,100 euros in applying for the residency permit. This cost also includes the cost of translating and legalizing the documents. After the submission of the application, the immigration department issues the decision in three months. Then after the approval of the application. The applicant has to travel to the Netherlands.

Once the applicant reaches the country, then he needs to register himself in the municipality and get health insurance. This step is necessary after the applicant reaches the country within four months. 7Sky Immigration is on the way to help you apply for residency and citizenship.

Foreign startup’s residence permit

The best way to get nationality in the Netherlands is to invest in a foreign startup residency permit. So the applicant can get this permit and renew it when needed. This way, he can apply for nationality. 7Sky Immigration can help you at each step of getting nationality in the Netherlands.

Though starting a new business in the Netherlands is not easy. It requires the applicant to meet some conditions. Once the applicant meets all conditions, then he can get a one-year residence permit. After one year, he can renew it with a self-employed permit.

Choosing the right facilitator is the main step before going to the startup option. So, applicants need to choose the facilitator from a long list.

The following are the requirements for choosing the facilitator:

  • He must be experienced in guiding the startup business
  • He should be stable financially and don’t have bad equity
  • The facilitator should not be a family member
  • He must not have a major interest in the startup business

Does The Netherlands Allow Dual Citizenship with Non-Investment Plan?

Though you can get many advantages by getting nationality in the Netherlands, this process is complicated and requires you to meet some conditions.

The first thing is the renouncing of the current nationality. This way, you can get Netherlands Citizenship by Non-Investment. Otherwise, you are not allowed to get dual nationality. At the same time, there are some cases which help you to get dual citizenship. This may be if your parents are from the Netherlands.

Besides, dual nationality is based on the home country’s requirements. Some countries ask the applicant to go for military service. This way, he can get dual nationality.

Final Verdict

Many companies are working for the help of those who want to start a new business in another country. Some people want to get nationality of Netherlands to start a new business. At the same time, some want to establish their new, luxurious life in that country.

So, if you are also interested in getting Netherlands Citizenship by Non-Investment, then you need to go through a process for which experts can help you. So, must avail of quality services from a reliable company to get nationality.

The professionals of 7Sky Immigration help entrepreneurs to get started with a new business in the Netherlands. Not only this, but the experts also help to get the nationality of the Netherlands.

It is very important for the applicant to find the right company. This way, he can get a provisional residency permit and, as a result, citizenship. So, don’t waste time and turn your dreams into reality. Now get in touch with the experts to get your own citizenship and settle yourself!

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