What is Golden Visa Investment for Portugal?

Are you fond of going to Portugal and bringing comfort to your eyes through mesmerizing and jaw-dropping sceneries? Do you love eating seafood and other traditional cuisines? Do you want to improve your living standard by moving to a much better place? Besides everything above, are you an investor looking for the best market to generate maximum Return on Investment (ROI)? If yes, then why not consider the Golden Visa Investment Program by 7Sky Immigration which is the best 2nd passport service in Lahore?

Read this guide to know more about Golden Visa Investment for Portugal.

Portugal’s Golden Visa Investment

Golden Visa Investment for Portugal is one of the most successful programs in Portugal through which many people have benefited a lot. The program was launched back in October 2012.

The reason for introducing this scheme was to support the Portuguese economy which was strongly suffering in 2008 from weak credit markets along with mismanagement of foreign capital.

But now the situation is quite different. The Portuguese economy has improved a lot over time. A lot of people all over the world, especially in Pakistan, have successfully become Portuguese citizens.

Why Should You Consider Portugal for Golden Visa Investment?

Portugal is one most desirable countries to live in. Located across the Atlantic Ocean, there are many attractive beach spots where you can spend holidays with your family. You can view mindblowing sceneries from the hilltop and rich cultural roots via its unique infrastructure.

Besides this, Portugal is an extremely affordable country as compared to other major countries. Here you can enjoy world-class health and educational facilities. Also, Portugal is a friendly country where residents always give a warm welcome to immigrants. Families living in Portugal are highly respected and valued. The crime rate is significantly lower in Portugal which makes it one of the most secure countries for a living.

Besides this, the real estate market in Portugal, especially in Lisbon, is quite progressive. You will always get a more valuable return on your investment without any regrets. Therefore, Portugal is quite beneficial for investors and business persons.

By getting a golden visa for Portugal, you can legally live in Portugal for 5 years and reserve the right to study, live, and work in Portugal. You can refer golden visa as a springboard toward Portuguese citizenship which will unlock more benefits for you. Portugal’s passport ranks as the 5th best passport in the whole world.

Once you have a golden visa, you won’t have to spend the entire 5 years in Portugal; just a minimum of 35 days and you will successfully fulfill the eligibility criteria. However, you will need to renew your residence permit within 1 to 2 years.

How To Get a Portuguese Golden Visa?

Portuguese golden visa offers a lot of benefits; however, to a one for you, you need to make a certain investment.

What Types of Investment To Make for Golden Visa?

Following are the investments you can make in Portugal for getting a Golden Visa:

  • Create at least 10 jobs in Portugal.
  • Invest 250,000 euros in the National Heritage of Portugal.
  • Contribute 350,000 euros to any technological or scientific research.
  • Transfer at least 1,000,000 euros to a Portuguese bank account.

As compared to other investment methods, real estate investment is the fast, and most reliable method to secure a golden visa.

What 7Sky Immigration Will Offer You?

7Sky Immigration, the efficient Portugal Second Passport Service in Pakistan, not only offers immigration consultancy and assistance but they have also recently launched CasaPark to make things easier for you.


CasaPark is a residential development, strategically located in Montijo. It consists of 18 different apartments manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The apartments are highly luxurious, comprising fully equipped kitchens and wooden flooring.

The reason for launching CasaPark is to comfort investors as much as possible so that both their time and money are saved.  And, also they won’t have to keep thinking about the type of property to purchase.

CasaPark is getting quite popular as investors are getting a good value. Besides this, it is quite easy for CasaPark’s residents to access all daily life facilities such as groceries, banks, supermarkets, health care, etc.

Lisbon Airport and public-private educational institutes are near the residential development. So if you want to leave for abroad on an urgent basis or drop your children to school, it won’t take much time.

By investing in CasaPark, not only you will get a golden visa but also it will open the doors to Portuguese citizenship. So, now is the right time to get started with 7Sky Immigration, and fulfill the desire of living in your dream country.

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