How to Become a Permanent Portugal Citizen?

Moreover, it is also an exciting thing for those who get nationality. They can travel without a visa to different countries. Indeed this passport is one of the passports that have no visa restrictions. So, any person who claims to be a citizen can benefit from this opportunity.

Two Ways to Get Portugal Citizenship:

Explore further to know the two major ways if you want to achieve Portugal citizenship. There are several ways, but we mention two effective ways for every businessman.

Suppose you want to get Portugal citizenship. Then you must focus on your legal rights to provide your documents. Providing the certain documents based on the claim for citizenship according to Nationality law.

So, it will help you with the entire and successful method of getting nationality.

Then you need to go with the best investment way. This will help you to get nationality in less time. The following are the things that you need to apply:

  • Certificate of birth
  • ID card with photograph
  • A paper that shows your previous nationality
  • Criminal history in the country you are living

Further, if you are getting nationality by claiming that you are married to a Portuguese. Then you need to provide your marriage certificate and birth certificate of your partner. Suppose the documents are not in the Portuguese language. Then these are translated by the certified services.

How To Get Help From Expert Immigration Companies?

Most people are now trying and developing an interest in getting Portugal nationality. So, it impacts the duration of the process to get citizenship. Suppose you apply with the improper application. Then you will confront a delay in the approval of the application. So, to avoid any delay or further issue in Portugal’s Citizenship by Investment. You should scan all documents and provide them on time.

Further, a reliable company helps you in the whole process. It provides you with the best and fast method of application. The company uses the right tools to maintain close communication. So, you can enjoy the hassle-free process of getting nationality. You also have the opportunity to track your application.

Choosing Portugal Citizenship by Investment:

The best thing about getting Portugal nationality is that you don’t need to live there. The following are the other benefits that you get from citizenship:

You’re Not Required To Move to Portugal

In most European countries, you need to live there most of the time. Then you become eligible to get the nationality of that country. At the same time, Portugal has no restrictions on spending most of the time there. You need to spend a week in one year. It means you have to spend 35 days for 5 years. 

Variety of Investment Methods

When it comes to investing in getting Portugal Citizenship by Investment, then you can explore different ways of investment. These may be capital transfer, investment in real estate and others. You can also buy property in Portugal to get nationality. So, you must check which investment option is the best for you.

Portugal Has Attractive Tax Programs

Portugal offers you the non-habitual tax regime that helps you get the release from taxes. So, if you have decided to move to Portugal and want to become a tax resident, then this program will help you for 10 years. To apply for this program, you can take help from professionals.

Inexpensive Investment Options and Strong Returns

You don’t need to invest extra to get nationality by using a Golden visa. When you compare different investment programs. Then the best program is that which offers minimum investment. Further, the economy of Portugal has been strong for the last few years. So, it is a better chance for foreigners to apply for nationality.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed the benefits and process of getting Portugal Citizenship by Investment. Though getting the nationality is not an easy task but benefits you the most. In the past, it was a beneficial thing to know that you could apply for nationality after 6 years.

But with the changes in the law, now you can apply after 5 years. While to get nationality after five years, you need to spend 35 days in 5 years. 7Sky Immigration is a well-known company that helps you qualify for nationality.

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