Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Turkey Citizenship by investment Program:

Turkey has a huge potential for investment and business opportunities. If you are thinking about the right place for investment than you should consider Turkey for sure as this is the ideal spot for great investment prospects. Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program 2021.

The Turkish economy is ranked as the 13th largest economy in the world and 5th largest as compared to the European Union in 2016. Turkey attracts about 15 billion USD as foreign investment annually. This country has quite stable economic growth with a rate of 5.6% between 2002 and 2016. Turkey is among one of the largest exporters of textiles. It is also one of the top producers of agricultural products, transportation, chemicals, and food, consumer, and home appliances.

Turkey offers high tax benefits and incentives. The environment is business-friendly and it takes on average of 4 days to 6 days to set up a company. Turkey also has a well-developed human resource. There are more than 800,000 university graduates in Turkey.

The strategic and central location of Turkey makes it an ideal destination for business and investment endeavors. It is an important gateway that connects East and West with access to global markets generating up to 2.5 trillion USD in GDP.

Turkey is also close to 70% of the world’s natural energy resources. This country has a continuing customs and free trade agreement with 21 countries and ongoing negotiations regarding the participation of the European Union. The tourism industry is also thriving in Turkey with over 38 million in revenue generation.

In 2018, the Turkish government made amends in Turkish Citizenship by Investment program. According to the new amendment, investors and buyers can now acquire Turkish citizenship by spending as low as $250,000 USD. This makes Turkish Citizenship by Investment program one of the most affordable and attractive option available.

Since 2018, thousands of investors have applied for this citizenship program and successfully obtained Turkish citizenship by investment. But apart from being the most affordable option for second citizenship, there are many other advantages of Turkish citizenship which we are going to briefly discuss in this article.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

  • Citizenship would also be granted to spouse and children.

The spouse of the applicant and his/her children under the age of 18 will be granted with Turkish citizenship. Any child born afterwards will also be granted citizenship.

  • Visa free travel

Turkish passport is the 30th strongest passport in the world. You can travel up to 110 countries and territories visa-free or visa on arrival with a Turkish passport. A Turkish passport is renewable after 10 years.

  • Work in Turkey

With the Turkish citizenship, you will be eligible to work in Turkey without any requirement of work permit. This citizenship will provide you with a gateway to work or do business in Europe and Middle East.

  • Better lifestyle

You can avail cheaper healthcare and insurance with Turkish citizenship. You will also be eligible to vote in national elections. Turkish citizenship also makes you eligible for state pension and state loans.

  • No requirement of minimum residency

Once you are granted with Turkish citizenship, you can travel to and fro the country without any requirement of minimum residency period. It is not mandatory to reside within the country.

What documents are required for the citizenship process?

  • Copy of birth certificate. The copy should be stamped and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Turkish Embassy in the home country.
  • Marital Status. A certificate of marriage/divorce/widow should be provided. It should be stamped and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Turkish Embassy in home country.
  • 4 biometric photographs
  • Copy of original passport
  • Power of attorney granted
  • Receipt of wire transfer
  • Proof of address/certificate of residence

Obtaining a second passport in Turkey

You can obtain a second passport in Turkey in the following ways:

  • Real-estate investment of $250,000.
  • Starting up or acquiring a company worth $500,000 in the capital.
  • Depositing $500,000 in state investment or state bank and not withdrawing it for 3 years.
  • Creating jobs for 50 local people

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