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7 Sky immigration has simplified the whole process of immigration and visa acquirement. At first, I was doubtful that 7 Sky immigration might be run-of-the-mill immigration consultants but once I had them consulted all my doubts were steered clear. I was thoroughly guided about my potential options which helped me to make a more informed decision. 

Mrs. Malik

Being a fresh graduate, my career aspiration was to immigrate abroad. I didn’t have a big budget to spare, which made me quite tensed. To my surprise, 7 Sky immigration introduced me to several budget-friendly immigration options that I never thought I would be able to avail myself. 

Adil Khan

My friend introduced me to 7 Sky immigration. At first, I wasn’t very hopeful because I thought maybe a new immigration consulting firm will still be struggling to gain a stronghold in this sector. When I first met Mr. Aamer Rafique Qureshi (the CEO of 7 Sky immigration) I was stunned by his extensive knowledge and prior experience in this field. I was totally satisfied that now my immigration case is in the right hands. 

Sheikh Waqar

I have tried and tested many consultancy firms for the past two years now. The process of consulting always met a dead-end. Every single one of them made big promises which seemed unrealistic. One day while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across the ad for 7 Sky immigration. With not so big hopes, I contacted 7 Sky immigration to see what they have to offer. I was expecting that they will charge a consultation fee but they didn’t even talk about money until I was satisfied that I would like to carry on with them. 

Mrs. Faraz Bangash

For all my life I had this misconception that one needs high credentials for immigration until I met Mr. Aamer Rafique Qureshi who introduced me to a world of opportunities by helping me in my immigration process.

Nazir Ahmed Raja

Lockdown put all my travel plans on hold. I thought at that moment no one will care about guiding travel enthusiasts like me because a simple answer would be that I should wait. During the lockdown, I met Mr. Aamer and he told me that I can still make my travel plans and complete my documentation so that once the ban is lifted I wouldn’t be waiting around for long. He helped me with all the documentation and even during lockdown I was in correspondence with him. I really appreciate him for his dedicated efforts. 

Yasin Yousafzai

I am a businessman and I am not even a graduate. I have never been to any country except Dubai. My friends told me that I can get a second passport and travel the world. I heard about Aamer Qureshi in my circle and called him. He encouraged me to apply for a second passport and told me that I can still be eligible. With bright hope for the future, I applied and got accepted. I am very thankful to him. 

Tahir Mehmood

I will recommend 7 Sky immigration to anyone who is confused about the right option for themselves. The information and insights I got from their consultancy were never found on the internet.

Roma Micheal

I applied for a second passport of Dominica through 7 Sky immigration. The process was smooth and there was no hassle of the entire documentation. I totally relied on 7 Sky immigration

Khan Ahmed Omer

Their staff was friendly and the senior consultant was quite good at his work. Without even visiting the office I got all the required information on the call. 

Ms. Zara Adil

Applying for second passport can be a mind-boggling task. I visited various websites during my research period and was so overwhelmed with the number of forms, and directions on how, when, where to send them. It was a great comfort and relief to me knowing that I could rely on someone else, an expert, like Aamer Rafique Qureshi to help me. His team worked on my application and it has been excellent experience. They saved me a lot of time and stress, respond quickly to whatever questions and concerns I have. I can truly recommend 7 Sky immigration.

Ahmed Latif

Having had a bad experience with a different immigration consultant, I ended up working with 7 Sky immigration for my work visa application, and couldn’t be more satisfied. The team was extremely patient, reassuring and knowledgeable. They were very prompt with responding to all of my questions with clear answers and recommendations. They also followed up with the immigration authorities as needed.

Maheen Piracha

I found 7 Sky immigration through google search. It was a good decision letting them prepare my work permit application. I am very pleased with all the work done by them. I got my work permit well ahead of the expected time. Thanks a lot for your services!

Sheikh Khurram Qadir

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. Right from the beginning, they were professional and helpful. They helped me with my work permit application which became successful. Would thoroughly recommend 7 Sky immigration.

Ms. Hadia Sohail

Great service, consistent follow up and very collaborative I really appreciate the efforts and professional work. I would recommend them for sure for anything related to Visa application.

Usman Pirzada

I am grateful for the consultancy services that I got from 7 Sky immigration. I was impressed by their client centered approach. The time they spent on my application did justice with each penny I paid. I really liked their prompt communication.

Tahir Awan

I had a very good experience with this firm and they did an amazing job of solving my complicated situation. They were nice and professional throughout and they really know how to do their job. Not only are they well versed in immigration rules and regulations but they also know the best approach to a case. They are also respectful of the human element that is associated when a person seeks consultancy and how to handle an agitated client. Would definitely recommend 7 Sky immigration.

Ms. Zunaira Arsalan

I had a great talk with the CEO of the firm, Mr. Aamer Rafique Qureshi. He is very approachable and knowledgeable. After talking to him, I decided to choose 7 Sky immigration to work on entrepreneurial visa application.

Akmal Haider

After trying for more than three years with different immigration firms, me and my family finally got our second passport with the help of 7 Sky immigration. We are very thankful to them for all their support throughout the process. They were highly professional and experienced consultants. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. Thanks for all your personal support and for going above and beyond to look out for my family! I fully recommend their services.

Shoaib Akhter

I am fortunate enough to get a good immigration agency like 7 Sky immigration to work with. The team was all very cooperative and has good knowledge about immigration and work permit related matters.

Ms. Jannat Baloch

I think the difference between 7 Sky Immigration and others consultants is their team. Always making their best, looking after our situation and empathizing with us. I’m really happy with all the help I’ve been receiving. Truly, I can say is the best decision I could make.

Laila Kakar

I had very good experience with 7 Sky immigration. I had 2 visa refusal from Canadian consulate and when I did my application with 7 Sky immigration, they helped me secure work visa. Thanks for the excellent service.

Shama Iftikhar

My experience with 7Sky Immigration has been a great one. It made my transition to Canada very smooth. All thanks to their team, my permanent residence paperwork was completed to a high standard and in a systematic manner and I never once had to worry about following up on the progress, as everything happened quite seamlessly and in a timely fashion. Furthermore, I found the team to be very approachable and understanding throughout the process. They go out of their way to be accommodating and to make the whole mobility process less cumbersome and are very sincere in their efforts. They as obliging and supportive as possible. Competent, professional and impeccably organized, I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who wants a reliable, hassle-free immigration service.

Rana Farooq Ahmed

I strongly recommend this place to all the people who were willing to apply for permanent residency in USA. They make hardest things easier for you. I want to thank Entire team of 7 Sky immigration for helping me to get my visa. Staff was very polite and always there to solve my queries without any delay.

Usman Kazmi Khan

I must I am grateful to Mr. Aamer Rafique Qureshi and his team in helping me and my husband to be able to live together in Canada. I found them to be very truthful and not afraid to make me aware about certain things that could have gone wrong. They provided me with full assistance during delays and time of uncertainty; this was very important for me. Their recommendations had always made sense; no questions or concerns has been unanswered. I appreciate their strength, honesty and enthusiasm. I truly appreciate all huge efforts they put in for my case.

Muhammad Ilyas Abdullah

 7 Sky immigration is one of the most helpful organizations I’ve ever found. They are very good and knowledgeable in everything that has a do with immigration. If you need help, they’re there, if you need guidance they’re there, and they’re very reasonable and helpful. I highly recommend them for all your immigration needs. They helped me get my permanent resident status in UK.

Ms. Uzma Shahid

 7 Sky immigration offered quick support to get our nanny here to join our family from the Philippines. They were amazing at answering all questions and offer advice along the way.

Naila Wajid

Very professional, honest and they get the job done. If anyone needs assistance with immigration, this is the company.

Amanullah Habib

They are trust-worthy and you can dependable. They bring the best possible results as they work alongside you throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend 7 Sky immigration and avail their service again when needed.

Ms. Zareen Abdullah

I was greatly disappointed by other immigration firms who claimed that they were immigration specialists. After three denials and millions wasted, I was a very skeptical about trying out another one. MR. Aamir’s confidence in his firm and his extensive immigration knowledge impressed me so I gave 7 Sky immigration a chance to help me and my family receive a positive decision on second passport. Then I also hired them to help hire a Filipino nanny and complete the processing of her residence application which was taking way too long and going nowhere.  The team of 7 Sky immigration stepped up to the challenges big time and we had victories in both cases quickly. I would highly recommend 7 Sky Immigration to anyone dealing with any type immigration matter or application – they are true specialists in their field and easy to work with.

Ms. Zarmeena Ali


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