Cyprus Citizenship And Second Passport by Investment Program
Minimum Investment €2,150,000
Real Estate N/A
Time to Citizenship 6 Months
Visa Free Access 170+ Countries & Territories


Step 1
7 Sky immigration will pre-screen your passport for government pre-approval. A down payment for professional fees will be applicable in order to start your application.
Step 2
You select the property and sign the reservation agreements. After this, you’re required to sign the naturalization application in Cyprus or at the Embassy.
Step 3
Our professional team will prepare all of the required property documents. We will perform due diligence on the chosen property and draft the sales agreement. You’re required to sign the sale agreement, lodging it at the land registry and pay the purchase price.
Step 4
Our professional team will assist and advise you with the collection of the documents required for the naturalization application. You’re required to visit Cyprus to apply for a PR permit (this is a new condition introduced under the revised criteria issued in September 2016).
Step 5
It takes approximately three months for the application for naturalization to be examined and approved.
Step 6
Under the new criteria issued in September, six months must have elapsed from the date of obtaining the Immigration Permit. After six months you’re required to visit Cyprus to swear the oath of allegiance. The remaining professional fees have to be paid. You will then receive the Cypriot passports and ID’s.


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