Ultimate Guide About Netherlands Golden Visa and its Purpose

Among all other EU countries, Netherland is the land of fun, art, fashion, economy, and culture. It is one of the most attractive countries in the world. In Netherland, you can see many cycling lanes, canals, and tulips. So, many people try to move to that country for the standard living style.

Netherland had recently offered Netherlands Golden visa for non-EU people. So, now foreigners can avail of this visa to get residency in Netherland.

What is the Netherlands Golden Visa Program?

The Dutch government has recently started the Golden visa program for foreigners. This visa aims to attract foreigners to make capital funding in Dutch business. Once you invest in Netherland, it helps you to get a permit to live there. Then after five years, you become eligible to get nationality of the Netherland.

For the applicants, it is vital to make a minimum investment in any capital fund. The applicants can also invest in a Dutch company. After that, applicants can also invest in many Dutch businesses.

When we compare the Netherlands Golden visa with other visas such as Portugal, then no doubt, a Dutch visa is the main solution to getting nationality. It is an ideal option for those who want to invest in Dutch business for citizenship.

Financial Requirements for the Golden Visa Netherlands

If you are interested in getting the eligibility to get a Netherland Golden visa. Then you need to make a minimum investment of a minimum amount.

The following are the categories where you can invest:

  • A startup agency in Netherland
  • A capital funding that is owned by the Dutch Economic Minister
  • A joint funding option where applicants can invest in multiple startup agencies
  • A capital funding that is related to NVP

After you invest in any of the above categories. Then the Enterprise Agency of the Netherland verifies this investment using a points system.

The following are the criteria that are important for the acceptance of a golden visa:

  • An applicant must create at least ten jobs for the citizens of the Netherland within five years
  • It is also vital for the applicant to share basic information about non-financial chores. These are networking of clients with the investors, which show involvement in the Dutch business.
  • The investment that an applicant makes must increase the economy of the Dutch company.

Purpose of Netherlands Golden Visa:

1.      Invest and Receive Permanent Residency

Once you have invested, you get a residence visa in Netherland. After that, this visa is transformed into a permanent visa after five years. It means you are eligible to obtain a residence permit.

2.      Dutch passport ranks as the 5th most powerful passport in the world.

You can get Dutch nationality after five years of getting a golden visa. A Dutch visa indeed gives you free access to the EU countries. It means you can travel to almost 188 countries without a visa.

3.      Strategic location

Netherland is providing the best solution to access the European market. It means that people can get an excellent base for technology innovation. Most business location is indeed present at the location where you only need two hours to go.

4.      Tax-friendly schemes

The Dutch system offers you many significant advantages. Any business that wants to scale up can get help from the Dutch system.

Eligibility of Netherlands Golden Visa:

  • The applicant needs to make a legal investment. It means the investment that an applicant is making is not coming from an illegal resource. The IND asks for information about your investment. So, you have to permit to ask about your income from abroad.
  • The applicant must avoid giving wrong information. He should also avoid withholding the previous information he had submitted for the permit.
  • The applicant must ensure that he was not in Netherland illegally in the past.

Why Consider Getting Netherlands Golden Visa by investment?

As we all know, the Netherland is the best investment option. It has a large tradition and reputation among many other EU countries. So, it attracts millions of investors to invest in any startup business.

This visa helps the investor to get a residence permit in Netherland quickly. It also allows you to visit several countries without a visa. You also do not have to worry related to the residency requirements.

Final Verdict:

Suppose you want to get permanent residency or citizenship in Netherland. Then the only best option is to get a Netherlands Golden visa. But for this, you have to renounce your past nationalities. In some cases, you get nationality to Netherland without renouncing.

7Sky Immigration is always here for the help of foreigners to get the nationality, visa, or residency. So, you don’t need to worry about achieving a visa to Netherland!

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