How To Get Portugal Residency by Investment for the Family in Pakistan

If you are interested in or planning to settle down in Portugal with your family, then it will be an excellent decision that will benefit you for a long time.

7Sky Immigration is the most reliable immigration service and consultants to help you by providing the best solution to your relocation needs.

Life in Portugal

Living in Portugal will expose you to a wide range of benefits. Located in the west of Europe and having borders with Spain, Portugal is known for its fair climate, good quality of life, seafood, and different facilities within an affordable amount.

Portugal is a developed and prosperous country having spectacular infrastructure. The tourism sector is the primary area that is a significant contributor to the economy of Portugal. You can discover the most famous mountain range Serra da Estrela, along with different beaches and resorts as well.

The crime rate in Portugal is significantly lower, which makes it one of the safest places in Europe. You can enjoy exceptional health and educational facilities. Portuguese people always warmly welcome immigrants and treat them with great kindness.

Living in Portugal with Family

Portugal is also family-friendly, where you can have a perfect work-life balance. You will witness different families participating in every sort of activity, like eating in a restaurant, watching movies, and enjoying summer across beaches and resorts.

Besides this, family persons (especially retired ones) can get various tax benefits. They can access health facilities, enjoy the same rights as Portuguese citizens, interact with other families and develop new friendships.

Residency By Investment for Family

Want your family to come to Portugal and join you? Don’t worry, as 7Sky Immigration is there to help you. Family Visa and a residence permit are necessary for families to have residency in Portugal.

7Sky Immigration is one of the best Best Golden Visa Portugal Consultants that offers specialized services to help you achieve your relocation goals as per your wishes.

We have a team of experienced, skilled, and motivated professionals who will help you choose the best and most favorable pathway for moving to Portugal.

Requirements of Family Golden Visa for Portugal

If you have already secured a residence permit, you can invite your family members or relatives to visit Portugal. The following are the requirements for getting a golden residence permit:

  • Valid passport
  • Two recent identity pictures.
  • Family Application form (when initially applying for a residency visa).
  • Valid residence visa (the 3-4 month-long visa before applying for the permit).
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Health insurance or supporting evidence the National Health Service covers him/her.
  • Family certificate (if applicable).
  • Criminal certificate.
  • Parental consent (if applicable).
  • Employment contract.

All documents must be submitted in Portuguese Language.

Eligible Person for Portugal Family Visa

According to Portugal’s Alien National Act, only immediate family members of residence permit holders are eligible for Portugal’s Family Visa:

  • Married or registered partner.
  • Minor children, including adopted children.
  • Any children under the care of the applicant.
  • Children who are of age but dependent on the applicant are enrolled in an established educational institution in Portugal.
  • First-degree relatives who are dependent on the applicant.
  • Minor siblings who are under the legal custody of the resident.

7Sky Immigration will manage your migration in 3 steps:

  • Profile Designing
  • Designing and Preparation of Detailed Proposal
  • Visa Application is submitted. After the eligibility criteria for application are fulfilled, you will get a passport from the relevant authorities.

Requirements for Portugal Golden Residence Permit

Below are the requirements for getting Portugal Golden Residence Permit:

  • Make two trips to Portugal during the application period.
  • Make investments like Capital Transfer, Property Acquisition, or the Creation of ten new jobs.

Once relevant authorities approve the family visa, the residence visa will be awarded.

Further Steps After Receiving Permit

Once the permit is received, applicants must provide biometric data and up-to-date documents. The permit will be issued for two years, which you can renew within that time period.

Usually, it takes six months to receive the permit, but you can speed up the process through 7Sky Immigration.

Benefits of Portugal Residency by Investment

  • You can live, study, work in Portugal and travel to the Schengen Area without Visa.
  • Eligibility for citizenship as a legal resident after spending 35 days in Portugal.
  • You can have dual nationality as Portugal allows it. However, you need to confirm if your country allows dual nationality or not.
  • Get high-quality education from world-class institutes.
  • You can have a chance to improve your living standards.
  • Access to traditional seafood and other different cuisines.
  • You will get the best health care services through exceptional hospitals and clinics.

That’s all about how to acquire Portugal Residency for your family. Hurry up and hire immigration & consultancy firm 7Sky Immigration to get the job done within a short amount of time.

7Sky Immigration offers both investment (Portugal Citizenship by Investment) and non-investment programs (Portugal Second Passport) for Portugal. So you can choose from these two programs depending on your needs.

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