How To Apply for Portugal Residency and Citizenship in Pakistan?

Nowadays, getting Portugal Citizenship is one of the most discussed and desired objectives of almost every kind of person in Pakistan, and there is an excellent reason for it.

Portugal is one of the most developed European countries where you can witness fabulous architecture and other things such as Oak Trees, Delicious Sea Food, etc.

Benefits of Living in Portugal

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world for a living. Moreover, it improves your life by enjoying various facilities such as Easy Afford Health Care and Educational Facilities.

Also, Portugal is economically strong, and its passport is the fifth best in the world, which is why it enjoys strong popularity and is the preferred option among the business and investor community.

You can move to Portugal with your entire family, become a permanent citizen and enjoy all the rights just as a typical European citizen does. You can also move freely without Visa into 186 countries, including Schengen Area and other countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc. Furthermore, Portugal allows you to have multiple citizenships; therefore, you will not have to give up your nationality.

Portugal has a proper social security system through which you can take advantage, such as Unemployment, Maternity, Death benefits, etc.

How to Travel to Portugal from Pakistan?

Many Non-European people, especially Pakistanis, want to travel to Portugal to enjoy various benefits. Another good news is that Pakistan allows you to have multiple citizenships for any country, which is an additional advantage if you are fond of keeping dual nationalities.

To move to Portugal, you need to have a temporary residence permit which will further help you get citizenship provided that you fulfil eligibility requirements.

The resident permit is an official authorization that allows you to work and live in Portugal in case you are a non-European. So if you want a piece of high-level advice to make the most favourable decision, then there is no best consultant other than 7Sky Immigration, as they will also assist you via their “Portugal Citizenship by Investment” program.

Types of Permit

There are four types of residence permits issued by Portugal:

  • Residence Permit for Work
  • Residence Permit for Study
  • Residence Permit for Family Reunification
  • Special Residence Permit

Benefits of the Portugal Residence Permit

  • Visa-free access across Schengen Area
  • Access to the workforce, education, and healthcare system
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Become a Portuguese citizen and live with family members

Requirements for Portugal Residency

Following are the documents required for Portugal Residency:

  • Valid Passport
  • Official Form
  • Two up-to-date passport-size Photographs
  • Valid Travel Insurance
  • No Criminal Record
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Employment Contract

Final Steps for Getting Residence

The type of residence permit you will choose depends upon your requirement. After fulfilling the essential eligibility criteria and making an investment, you will get a Second Passport and Golden Visa for Portugal.

How to Get Portugal Citizenship

Once you have a temporary residence permit, you can live in Portugal for five years. The minimum living requirement is 35 days. After spending the minimum required days, you are qualified and will get Portuguese citizenship. This process is known as the Naturalization of Foreign Residents.

If you don’t want to renounce your current citizenship, then there is no need to worry, as both Pakistan and Portugal allow their citizens to have multiple nationalities.

Usually, the timeline for Portugal Golden Visa by Investment procedure is six months. But the process will be completed faster if you hire one of the best golden visa portugal consultants such as 7Sky Immigration.

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