Portugal Citizenship by Investment – The Process

Portugal is a popular destination for people looking for permanent residence due to its relatively affordable cost of living, its pleasant climate, and relaxed lifestyle. One of Portugal’s most attractive attributes is its amazingly beautiful coastline that stretches from north to south. To reach Lisbon or the capital city, you can take a boat across the famed Estoril. Travel by train is also an option, but a plane or train beats any other means of travel. If you are an investment-minded individual, Portugal Citizenship By Investment may be the right choice for you.


Portugal is an emerging tourism and investment hub. As such, Portuguese citizenship by investment is gaining popularity with each passing year. In recent years, Portugal has seen an influx of tourists from across all over the world. These visitors primarily flock to Lisbon and its surrounding region to enjoy some of the finest beaches in the world. Portugal offers the best selection of holiday resorts and destinations in Europe, making it a popular choice for those looking for both culture and relaxation.


3-Stage Process of Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Portugal has an easy-to-use system when it comes to obtaining a Portuguese passport. This is because the procedure is divided into three distinct stages. First, if the Portugal citizenship by investment applicant is eligible for Portuguese citizenship, he or she must apply for a Portuguese Passport no matter which country he or she plans to visit. The first stage is relatively simple since this involves submitting relevant documents and photos to the embassy of the country of his or her choice. In the case of those ineligible for Portuguese citizenship through a family member or partner, he or she must first wait for two years after the event had taken place before applying for a passport.


Once he or she does file for Portugal citizenship by investment, he or she will be required to meet several mandatory investment requirements. These include paying the necessary fees to register the investment, as well as paying a one-time investment fee that is paid directly to Portugal citizenship by investment program authorities. As part of the process for achieving investment status, documentation proving one’s identity also has to be submitted. Some of the common forms of documentation needed include tax returns, bank statements, and personal information such as name, address, and contact numbers. Individuals who are ineligible for Portuguese citizenship through marriage or birth may also need to obtain a copy of the birth certificate of the main applicant.


Passado Permanent de Sistema

Once the application for Portugal citizenship by investment has been submitted, the investor may then wait for at least five years after the event occurred to complete the process. During this time, the investor will receive a six-year renewable visa called a “Passado permanent de Sistema.” It is important, however, to note that once a person receives a permanent resident card, he or she cannot leave Portugal without immediately entering the country – this is one of the strict requirements that are applied to those applying for Portugal citizenship by investment.


Conditions on Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Portugal’s citizenship by investment is not a “quick-fix” solution. It does not provide investors with any kind of “quick” way to obtaining permanent residency. Those individuals who are eligible usually take between three and ten years to achieve their goal, depending on their circumstances. Those looking for a solution that will not take that long should consider investing in Portugal, instead. By doing so, they can become a resident of Portugal while still enjoying all the benefits of being a permanent resident of the country.


Those who decide to invest in Portugal, but who do not have a Portuguese passport, should take the necessary steps to ensure that their investment will remain viable. Those who wish to purchase property in Portugal, or take out loans and investments in Portugal, should be sure to take the necessary steps to ensure that their investment portfolio will stay viable. A common method of securing a Portuguese passport is to undergo a language test. The language test is often offered by the Portuguese embassies.


Those who are interested in investing in Portugal, but do not speak Portuguese may opt to take an online tutorial that will educate them on the legal system, banking, and investing in Portugal. These classes can be taken around the clock. Those who have completed the tutorial and passed the language exam will then be able to apply for their Portugal citizenship by investment. Within a year, most applicants receive their permanent resident status.

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