How Can You Apply for Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

Several people are trying to get the nationality of Portugal. So, they are using different ways to get permanent residence of citizenship. If you also want permanent residence, then you must apply for citizenship. The best option is the Portugal Citizenship by Investment. But remember that you can get a permanent home after five years. At the same time, you can get nationality after five years and in 3 years if you are married to the Portuguese.

If you get a permanent home and nationality, then you can live in Portugal for a long time. Further, you can also get many benefits by living there. At the same time, residents need to renew their residence if they want to live in Portugal. So, you can explore advantages that you can get by taking Portuguese nationality. You can take help from 7Sky Immigration to easily do the whole process.

Then we will help you to know everything. Keep reading our article till the end.

Who Can Get Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

When you want to get Portugal Citizenship by Investment, then there are many factors to consider. The criteria of applying for nationality depend on whether you are from the EU or outside. Suppose you are from a country outside the UAE. Then you can also get benefited from the immigration laws of Portugal.

In 2006, Portugal changed the laws about citizenship. So, according to that, you can get nationality after five years. While if you are married to the Portuguese, then you can get nationality in 3 years.

If anyone was living in Portugal before then, he could also get nationality soon.

Portugal Citizenship by Investment Benefits:

There are many rights that permanent citizens of Portugal have. But there are many rights that are similar to Portugal nationality. Both can:

  • Take part in the full time or self-job
  • Take part in education
  • Approach to Portugal societal safety advantages and pensions
  • Purchase property in Portuguese

Further, there are also benefits of Portugal Citizenship by Investment. It allows you to:

  • Take part in voting of Portugal elections
  • Get the passport of Portugal, which is in number 16 on the passport index throughout the world
  • Get EU nationality so you can travel free of cost in the EU countries
  • Live or work in other EU states

Portugal Citizenship by Investment Application Costs

There are different costs for applying for Portugal Residence by Investment. Similarly, applying for citizenship also needs different costs. Commonly, this cost ranges from  €175–250.

Dual Citizenship:

Portugal is giving another benefit that everyone wants to get. Now, you can have dual nationality. It means you can easily apply for Portugal Citizenship by Investment. Further, you don’t need to leave the nationality of your current country.

But, it is important for you to firstly get permission from your current country. If it also permits you to apply for dual nationality, then you can apply. In most countries, you need to give up your nationality and then apply for Portugal.

Why Hiring a Portugal Citizenship Lawyer is Essential?

It is not necessary, but you can take help from a lawyer to apply for the visa. Further, you can also take help for the Portugal Residence by Investment.

It is difficult for you to understand the law of Portuguese if you don’t know about the language. You are going to invest a large amount in applying for citizenship. So, it is the best option to take the services of the lawyer. But consider the lawyer who already has expertise in visa investment.

When you are going through the investment process, then it is the duty of the lawyer to make everything organized from a legal point of view. He should also have the duty to check the contract before the finalizing process.

Further, the lawyer also helps you in getting the documents that you need to attach. If you don’t submit your file, then the lawyer can also submit it on your behalf. You can also get the services of 7Sky Immigrationthat can make your process easier.

You should also open a bank account in Portugal if you don’t have one. It is also important for you to have a local bank account. It is proof that you have a lot of funds, so you can easily invest in the golden visa.

This process can take a while, or its duration is different based on the bank. It is also based on the country in which you are living. Further, you must submit your address, income proof, profession, and NIF.

Naturalization as Portuguese citizenship:

You can apply for Portugal Citizenship by Investment if you have been living in Portugal for six years. But the following are the requirements that you must fulfil:

It is possible for you to submit your application by yourself. You can also get help from anyone who can submit an application on your behalf. The following are the documents that you need to submit:

  • Certificate of birth
  • You must have proof that you have basic knowledge of the Portuguese language.
  • The ID of the passport
  • You should have all the information about your current home
  • Also, submit the documents related to date and place of birth and current home. You should also have the detail of the residence of your previous countries
  • Also, have proof that you are not linked to crime-related work
  • Also, have the documents in which it is stated that you have been a resident of Portugal for six years.

When you have decided to apply for citizenship, then you can take help from an expert that helps you a lot. You need to fill out a form and submit it to the IRN with attached documents.

It will take some time to process your application. But in case of any dismissal, they will inform you within 20 days.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed that you can get a special Portugal visa. It is specially created for those who are outside the EU. So, the foreigners can get the Portugal visa through Portugal Citizenship by Investment. The child is from the outside country and was adopted by the Portuguese national. Then they can instantly apply for nationality and residence in Portugal. In this regard, 7Sky Immigration is the best option that helps you a lot.

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