Portugal Citizenship by Investment for Pakistani People

Want to invest in Portugal, and become a permanent citizen, then why don’t you apply for the Portugal Citizenship by Investment which is sometimes also known as the Golden Visa  Portugal? 

7Sky Immigration is one of the best Golden Visa Portugal Consultants, known for providing high-level consultancy and the best possible migration solutions to serve your migration needs favorably.

If you are from Pakistan and have plans to settle down in your dream country, Portugal, then read this guide to learn how to turn your dreams into reality.

Before going into details of the “Portugal’s Citizenship by Investment” Program. Knowing the benefits of going to Portugal is essential, especially if you are from Pakistan.

What Are the Benefits of Moving to Portugal? 

Portugal is one of the leading, progressive, and technologically advanced countries. In other words, it is a country where you can witness some of Europe’s most jaw-dropping beautiful sceneries and mild weather. 

Here you can enjoy different types of sea cuisines such as Grilled Tiger Prawns, Goose Barnacles, Spider Crab, Oysters, Slipper Lobsters, etc. In short, Portugal is the most recommended place where you can spend holidays with your loved ones or choose to have a permanent residence here. 

Why Should Pakistani People Go to Portugal?

There is a pretty apparent reason for Pakistani People to visit Portugal. Pakistan is currently facing the worst economic crisis ever in its history of 75 years. Inflation and Corruption are on the rise. Due to this reason, there are few growth opportunities, due to which many business persons are facing difficulty in running businesses, and investors are afraid of spending money due to the enormous risk of getting minute profit.

Unlike Pakistan, Portugal isn’t facing such conditions right now despite the economic crisis of 2008. The economy is in an excellent state since Portugal’s Tourism sector is a significant contributor. Besides this, you can start a new and high-standard life in Portugal as living costs are incredibly affordable, and you can generate a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Therefore, no Pakistani investor should ignore this fantastic chance of going to Portugal. And you can also move along with your family to Portugal.

Requirements for Portugal Citizenship by Investment

The following are the necessary requirements to be fulfilled:

  • Minimum 18 years old.
  • No criminal history.
  • Good Health 
  • ID card and two passport-size photographs
  • A licensed personality approval

Steps Involved in the “Portugal Citizenship by Investment”

If you want to get Portugal Citizenship, follow the steps below. 

You need to find a government-approved immigration company such as 7Sky Immigration. It is known for giving logical & helpful advice along with providing the best migration solutions.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements, the concerned person will check your passport and charge you an application fee of 280,000 Euros. 

After that, you will have to bring the required documents, which the immigration agent will translate into Portuguese Language and send to Portugal Embassy.

You have to travel to Portugal to invest in any scheme. It may include natural land, businesses, assets, and money. You must also give fingerprints, photographs, and biometric information and open a Portuguese bank account.

Once your capital is transferred to your Portuguese bank account, you are eligible to purchase a property and get citizenship.

Final Verdict

As we have discussed, the advantages and procedures of acquiring Portuguese citizenship are conclusive. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to hire the approved company. In this instance, 7Sky Immigration is the best alternative, as they employ several skilled advisors. They can assist you in becoming a citizen of Portugal.

Using this company’s services, it is simple to obtain Portugal Citizenship by Investment. It aids you during the entire citizenship application procedure. Therefore, you and your family can enjoy yourselves in this country!

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