Portugal Citizenship by Investment – A Great Success

Right now, the “Portugal citizenship by investment” program is recognized as the most popular and successful scheme in the whole world. The policies of this program are highly adaptable and easy-going due to which a lot of people are wishing to benefit from it.

Read this guide to know how this investment program is a great success.

What Makes “Portugal Citizenship by Investment” Appealing?

To know the purpose better, it is important to be familiar with the history. The Portugal Citizenship program was launched back in October 2012 with the intent of attracting international capital so that the destructive effects of 2008’s economic crisis could easily be overcome.

By participating in this program, you not only just get mere citizenship. You acquire a key that will unlock countless opportunities and grant you a chance to start a new different life in one of the most beautiful, safest, and economically strong countries. This is the reason why everyone is getting so obsessed with going to Portugal.

Portuguese passport ranks the 5th most powerful and valuable in the world and makes everyone feel as if they are the luckiest person alive on earth.

Besides this, only a distasteful or dull person would refuse to witness jaw-dropping landscapes, delicious seafood dishes, favorable climate, spectacular beaches, mesmerizing architecture, and charming valleys that would cast a strong spell and make everyone fall in love with Portugal. 

The following are the key contributing factors that are responsible for making the Portugal Citizenship by Investment program a great success.

No Difficulty in Becoming A Citizen

The best thing about Portugal Citizenship is that there are less complicated eligibility criteria for becoming a Portuguese citizen. The following are the requirements you should fulfill for Portuguese citizenship:

  • Minimum 18 years old.
  • No criminal history.
  • Proof of Good Health. 
  • ID card and two passport-size photographs.
  • A licensed personality approval.
  • Spend a minimum of 35 days in Portugal.
  • Proof of residence permit.
  • Proof of Portuguese Proficiency test (Basic Level).
  • Retain an Investment with a minimum of worth 280,000 Euros.

Your Family Can Also Join You

By having a Golden Visa for Portugal, you can invite your family members to live with you. Portugal is a very beneficial place for families to settle as they are highly respected and valued. You will find separate and prioritized services for families in various pharmacies, grocery stores, other different sectors, etc.

Besides this, you can spend perfect holidays with your families and enjoy the pleasant climate, and beautiful beaches.

Visa-Free Travel

Once you have become a permanent citizen of Portugal, there is no power on earth that can stop you from visa-free traveling across the whole Schengen Area. Yes, that’s right!

You can explore other different Schengen countries like France, Germany, Switzerland,  Netherlands, Norway, Greece, etc, whenever you would like, without worrying about getting a Visa. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Access Different Rights

Once you have successfully secured citizenship, then be prepared for accessing different world-class facilities. You not only become a permanent Portuguese citizen but a European citizen as well.

You can enjoy different rights such as exemptions from strict taxes, protection against domestic violence (especially meant for Women and Children), Family Reunification, Social Security, Equality Rights, Access to health and education, etc.

Extremely Safe Place to Live

Portugal is known as one of the safest places for living. The crime rate is extremely lower due to strict laws and a political structure that is quite stable for many years.

According to the Global Peace Index report 2020, Portugal falls in third position on the list of most peaceful countries. 

Final Verdict

By getting second citizenship, many people can change their destinies and improve their living standards. Though there are many other countries for which you have to go through strict procedures as well as requirements. But when it comes to Portugal, you will get a whole new different experience as Portugal is an extremely welcoming and friendly country for citizens. 

The high-quality life, direct citizenship policies, and immigrant satisfaction are what exactly makes the “Portugal Citizenship by Investment” program a high success.

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