Misconceptions Regarding Second Passport

Second passport is a great way to enhance the experience of traveling internationally. Or it could become a flashpoint for legal issues if you are not aware of some key facts about second citizenship. Many people have misconceptions about a second passport. Therefore, this article, presented by the best second passport company in Lahore, is about a discussion of those myths.

Misconceptions Continue To Exist Among People Regarding Second Passports

Securing a second passport is a very important decision. Investing in a new citizenship can be viewed as an act of faith, and a sign you believe in the future of the country. There are a number of misconceptions that continue to exist among people regarding second passports.

So following are the myths that are strongly believed by many people in different parts of the world:

Myth 1: You Must Get Rid of the Original Citizenship in Order To Acquire Another One

Usually, it is assumed that a second passport comes at a certain price. What Price? You will have to withdraw from your current nationality. However, this is not necessarily true as there are many people who hold multiple nationalities in different countries. But still, there is less awareness about this fact among a considerable number of people.

However, if you also hold a second passport like many other people around the globe. You need to keep one thing in mind. Just because you have a second passport doesn’t mean that all matters will go your way since the world doesn’t necessarily function as per everyone’s expectations.

There may be some circumstances, rules, and regulations in certain countries that may alter your citizenship status. Or you may require to completely withdraw from your other citizenship if you are doing a government job. This is especially true in Pakistan because laws put restrictions upon active government officials to hold dual citizenship.

However, this doesn’t mean that a normal person can’t hold dual nationality. You can surely do as per your wishes. For example, You can become a UK citizen. For this, 7 Sky Immigration offers a business immigration program since there are multiple but credible opportunities out there.

So if you are a potential business person or an investor, the United Kingdom is a great place to start with. And in this regard, the top second passport services in Lahore will provide you with solid support as long as you don’t reach your desired goal.  

Myth 2: It Is Quite Hard to Obtain a Second Passport

Obtaining a second passport may seem to be a bit time-consuming process but it is not necessarily hard. The requirements and processes vary depending on the country and the individual’s circumstances. Some countries have programs in place that allow individuals to obtain a second passport through investment, real estate, or other means.

However, these programs may have strict requirements and high costs. Other countries may require an individual to have lived in the country for a certain period of time or have a certain level of skill or education. Additionally, the process of obtaining a second passport can be difficult for individuals who have a criminal record, outstanding debts, or other legal issues.

Besides this, there are many countries like the United States of America (USA), Canada, etc. that require foreign people to start a business over there. Those people who manage to start businesses within these countries successfully prosper in a blink of an eye. They create jobs and become a source of bread and butter for countless people.

7 Sky Immigration fully understands how important it is for every single person to reach the heights of success in all aspects of life. Immigrating either to the land of opportunities is no less than a dream for anyone. This is the reason the top immigration law firm in Lahore is offering business immigration programs. Thus providing everyone with a chance to change their lives.

Myth 3: Your Second Passport Can Be Easily Abrogated

There are many people who restrain from getting a second passport for themselves. They usually suspect that their second passport is prone to get easily abrogated. However, this is not necessarily true unless there is a quite strong reason. If everything is transparent on your side, then you don’t have to worry any longer.

However, there do exist some solid grounds that could lead to the cancelation of your second passport. The need for a second passport is getting robust and strong with the passage of time. And when it comes to a country like Pakistan, the urge to migrate towards a much better country in all aspects is quite prominent.

Therefore, it is important to stay aware of all mistakes otherwise you could end up ruining your backup plan. For example, you must not have any sort of criminal record while applying for citizenship. But if such a record exists, then you must disclose it at the right time before any sort of problem occurs.

And besides this, if you have proceeded with Portugal Citizenship by Investment by purchasing real estate. You must maintain it for at least 5 years. Had you failed to retain the property, you won’t be able to get a second passport for Portugal. In order to know more about it, you can reach out to our best immigration consultants in Lahore so that we can help you make a more informed decision for yourself.

Myth 4: You Need To Live for Longer To Acquire a Second Passport

Another misconception existing among the masses is that you will require to spend a longer time period in the host country to get a second passport. While it can take some time to acquire a second passport, depending on the country in which you are applying. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a second passport without living in another country for an extended period of time.

Many countries offer “citizenship through investment” programs. These programs require you to make a financial contribution to the country’s economy, and in exchange, you can be granted citizenship. The best thing about opting for such programs is that you will have to only live for a few days or not even a single day to complete the eligibility criteria.

For example, you might be interested in immigrating to Portugal due to its sound economy, peacefulness, and multiple opportunities. If you want to buy a property, then real estate investment is the best, immediate, and easiest form of investment as compared to other methods.

Once you have purchased a real estate property, you will obtain a 5-year residence permit for Portugal. You can legally live, work, and study for five years in Portugal. However, it is worth noting that you won’t have to live in Portugal for quite long but only 35 days. This way you will become eligible for a Portuguese second passport. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

7 Sky Immigration is also known as the best Portugal Golden Visa Consultants in Lahore. As compared to other firms, we provide complete support to our clients and make sure that they achieve their objectives in a crystal-clear pattern.

Myth 5: Having a Second Passport Is Illegal

Despite the widespread belief that having a second passport is illegal, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, having multiple passports is a perfectly legal practice, provided that you obtained them from different countries or through an official dual citizenship program.

Dual citizenship programs offer an easy way for people to become citizens of two or more countries. These programs typically require applicants to meet certain criteria, such as having a valid passport, proof of residency, and a reasonable financial capacity. Once approved, applicants can receive a second passport, along with all the rights and privileges that come with it.

Furthermore, having a second passport can provide holders with a number of advantages, including improved access to different countries and their respective economies, the ability to travel more freely, and greater protection from political unrest. Having a second passport can also be useful and is a perfect backup plan

Though, there are many second passport firms in Lahore no one is like 7 Sky Immigration when it comes to quality, efficient, and immediate services. The immigration firm always makes sure to provide quick and customized immigration solutions as every client is near and dear to us.

Myth 6: For the Second Passport, You Must Have a Lot of Money

In fact, there are several cost-effective options for obtaining a second passport that can be achieved with a much smaller financial investment.

The cost of obtaining a second passport varies widely depending on the country of origin, type of passport, and processing fees. Generally, passports from developed countries will cost more.

However, some nations offer very affordable second passports, such as Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis. Both of these countries offer citizenship through investment programs that allow you to invest a certain amount of money in the country in exchange for citizenship.

In addition, some countries have cheaper passports that may be more appropriate for someone looking for a second passport without a large financial investment. For example, the cost of obtaining a passport from Colombia or Nicaragua is much lower than the cost of obtaining a passport from a European country.

Ultimately, the cost of obtaining a second passport does not need to be prohibitive. There are several options available to meet a range of budgets and needs. With a bit of research, you can find the right second passport for you.

In case, if you want to move to Portugal but are reluctant to proceed with citizenship by investment, then don’t worry. 7 Sky Immigration, the most preferred second passport firm in Lahore, also offers self-employed stream pathway for Portugal that costs only 69,000 Euros. This will also cover your family members, especially spouses, parents, parents-in-law, and children.

Myth 7: Second Citizenship Means You Can Move to All Countries in the World

The myth that second citizenship will give you access to all countries in the world is largely false. Obtaining second citizenship can certainly open up new travel opportunities and provide additional rights. But it does not necessarily mean you will have access to all countries in the world.

Being granted second citizenship doesn’t mean you need to move to, work in, or stay in a certain country. Furthermore, if you are a dual citizen, you will most likely still be subject to the laws of both countries. For example, if you are a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, you will still be liable to pay taxes in both countries.

But the fact remains in the same place. Even if a second passport doesn’t provide you access to all countries in the world. Still, you would be able to visit a significant number of countries without requiring any Visa.

For example, Portugal’s second passport grants you visa-free access to 185+ countries including the whole Schengen Area. You can obtain a second passport for Portugal from 7 Sky Immigration in 2 ways either through real estate investment or a self-employed stream.

Second citizenship can open up new travel opportunities and provide additional rights. However, there are other considerations, such as ex-pat taxes, residency requirements, and the cost of living in a foreign country. Unless you are wealthy and looking for a way to legally reduce your taxes, second citizenship may not be the best option.

Myth 8: Second Passport Offers No Benefits Besides Citizenship

It is not true that a second passport offers no benefits besides citizenship. Having a second passport can open up new opportunities for travel and access to certain countries. They provide added protection from government pressure and extradition, and even provide tax and financial benefits.

Additionally, a second passport can provide access to different investment opportunities, financial products, and services. This also includes access to a range of visa-free countries. Thus, for those looking for new opportunities, a second passport can offer a range of benefits.

However, it is important to note that when it comes to offering specific benefits to second passport holders. They vary depending upon which country’s second citizenship you have applied for. For example, with Turkish Second Passport, you will have complete rights to vote in all elections for any party.

Besides this, if you successfully manage to move to Turkey along with your family. You will have access to free healthcare and education for your entire life. Turkey is one of the most prominent and economically strong countries.

Therefore, choosing to move to Turkey can be a good decision if it well-aligns and fulfills your requirements. 7 Sky Immigration will help you get a second passport for Turkey easily and immediately.

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed all the misconceptions regarding second passports. Second passports have both directly and indirectly become a part of our lives. At any point, there come such times when any uncertain situation like political instability, inflation, disaster, war, etc. Therefore, in such times, a second passport appears to be no less than a “Knight in Shining Armor”.

This is the reason that there is a high scope of people obtaining a second passport. And 7 Sky Immigration helps them reach their dream destination to make their lives much better. Therefore, many people appreciate the best immigration law firm in Lahore as it continues to help them achieve their goals.