Malta Residency by Investment
Minimum Investment € 1,150,000GBP
Real Estate N/A
Time to Citizenshipe 14 – 16 Months
Visa Free Access 180+ Countries & Territories
Euro (EUR)1 USD = 0.86 EURUSD 25,058USD 10.95 billion

Malta is a small and historic island in the heartland of the Mediterranean region. This country has a rich history with various historical sites which are related to its succession of various leaders including Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, French, Moors, Normans, and British. The country gained its independence from British rule in 1964.

  • Malta has two official languages including Maltese and English.
  • Malta is a constitutional republic and parliamentary democracy.
  • Malta is a member of major international organizations including the UN, IMF, EU, Eurozone, and Schengen area.
  • Euro is the currency of Malta.
  • The country has hot dry summers and short mild winters. In Malta, the temperature is very stable.
  • Valletta is the capital of Malta. It is the smallest national capital in the EU.
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