Major Portuguese Cities and Ways To Settle in Portugal

Europe holds a special place in millions of hearts. People from all over the world visit there every year. Some visit Europe to spend holidays with their families; some travel to European countries for study and work purposes. But some individuals look to settle in Portugal for a lifetime.

Right now, Portugal is also becoming one of the most popular and favorable cities to live in. This country is known for beautiful sceneries, attractive view spots, awesome beaches, and resorts. Not only this but you can also enjoy delicious, traditional, and mouth-watering seafood cuisines here.

Portugal is also known for its strategic location and strong tourism sector due to which many people frequently love to visit here and want to explore Portugal as much as they can. The affordable living costs and high quality of life urge people to look for ways to permanently settle in Portugal.

7Sky Immigration, the best 2nd passport service in Pakistan, is presenting this guide about different major cities in Portugal to give you an overview. This may help you in recognizing the best one for living in as per your requirement and taste.

Besides this, 7Sky Immigration will also let you know how to permanently settle in Portugal.

Major Cities of Portugal

Following are the major cities of Portugal where you can go:


Lisbon is the federal capital and the famous city of Portugal. Located across the sparkling Tagus River, this city has the most beautiful places and makes everyone feel like he/she is in real heaven on earth.

Here you can view a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing sceneries through its series of continuously descending seven hills.

The real estate market of Lisbon is quite strong and consistently progressing upward as compared to other Portuguese cities. The property prices may seem a bit expensive but still affordable as compared to other European cities.

You will get a great value against your investment. It is quite easy to buy and sell out properties at the best value therefore, you won’t feel any regret while investing in the real estate market. This way you can easily buy property in Lisbon and settle in Portugal the way you always wanted.

Lisbon is known to be one of the safest and most family-friendly cities. Families are prioritized a lot and get huge value and respect.

Besides this, the quality of life is exceptional and you can do a lot of different activities. Also, you can get high-quality education from top-class institutes and the best healthcare facilities. Numerous working opportunities arise in Lisbon, therefore, you can easily make and improve your livelihood.


Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, mostly known for its inexpensive Port wine, Culinary Arts, and colorful streets. Here you can view different unparalleled attractions, and witness delightful nightlife and delicious cuisines.

Douro River which is one of the major rivers in Portugal continuously flows through the center of the city. Compared to Lisbon, Porto isn’t known for tourism and the real estate investment sector is also not that strong; however, property prices are cheaper in Porto except in the central portion of the city.

Here you can view different monuments, landmarks, and historic building attractions. In Porto, there is a famous gallery named “Museo de arte contemporanea de Serralves” where you can witness different leading exhibitions.

The temperature across Porto remains mild and you can experience a lot of rainfall in the winter season.


Braga is another major city in Portugal besides Porto and Lisbon. It is one of the most ancient cities in Portugal stuffed with rich culture, history, and civilizations. Braga is also known for religious monuments and tourism.

By viewing the jaw-dropping architecture and beautiful landscapes in Braga, you can surely recall the ancient days of the Roman Empire and also can witness its influence upon the history of Braga. Therefore, with time, Braga is also getting popular as tourists have begun to visit this beautiful city.

As compared to the other cities, winters are not mild in Braga and also the English language is less spoken here. But you can discover a lot of food spots and get different options for the best restaurants to dine in. Or you can simply enjoy delicious pastries and coffee.


Faro is the capital of the southern Portuguese region of the Algarve. Many foreign retirees are prioritizing this region for residence. The reason is that Faro enjoys a good reputation for sun, sea, and wonderful seafood. The advantages of living in Faro include year-round pleasant weather, proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches, a calm lifestyle, and a moderate pace of life.

Faro is centrally located in Portugal along with an international airport so tourists can easily travel without any kind of inconvenience.

Faro is one of the most comfortable places in Portugal where you can feel like you are at your home. Besides this, the transportation system and health facilities are highly developed in Faro. Also, you can rent a property at very affordable rates.


Just like Faro, Viseu is also located in the central portion of Portugal. Here you can live conveniently as you would like as this city also has improved quality of life.

In Viseu, the temperature is quite favorable. Education, Transportation, and Healthcare systems are well-established, and many people extremely like them.

Besides this, you can easily afford a house and also the employment market is quite strong. Viseu is best for hikers and travelers as it has resurrected architecture and the city highly resembles nature.

Viseu may not be much popular just as Lisbon and Porto are; but the city is ideal for immigrants who are looking for a cheap, calm, and high-quality way of life.


Setubal is another important city in the Lisbon region of Portugal that is located on the other side of the Tagus River. It has the most rich tradition and is for carrying out fishing activities. Setubal is the most recommended place for people who love nature, have a quiet environment, and want to view different beautiful beaches.

Setubal, a city with a population of 122,000, has both governmental and private healthcare centers. A prominent retail mall features over 100 businesses, a large food court, a gym, an English-language movie theatre, and a hypermarket (grocery department store).

A designer outlet mall with brand names such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, Guess, Lacoste, Levi’s, New Balance, Nike, Ralph Loren, Rockport, and Samsonite is nearby. Mix with the locals at Mercado do Livramento, a vast indoor market featuring produce, seafood, baked products, and handicrafts.

How to Settle in Portugal Permanently?

7Sky Immigration offers a golden visa program in Portugal in which you will have to make a certain investment. Portugal’s golden visa is getting popular among foreign nationals it pays you off.

Though there are many investment methods (i.e., Capital Transfer, Investment in National Heritage, Creation of 10 jobs, etc.) real estate investment is a fast and reliable method. Investing in real estate will reward you with a high rental income.

Besides this, international investors and business persons are highly welcome to invest in Portuguese’s real estate market as there are no complicated restrictions. Only you need to have a tax identification number (NIF) to open a Portuguese bank account.

1.   Buy a Property

Purchasing a property in Portugal is quite easy. You must have a minimum of 280,000 Euros to make an investment.

Though there are many options you can choose from 7Sky Immigration encourages you to consider investing in their CasaPark project. This way you can save both money and time.

CasaPark is the recently launched residential project of 7Sky Immigration. Under this project, the investors will be provided with different luxurious apartments (T1, T2, T3, etc). These apartments comprise a fully equipped kitchen and other necessary facilities.

Our apartments comprise frames with high thermal protection so that residents can save excessive heating and cooling costs. Besides the apartment, you will also get private parking and a swimming pool.

CasaPark is centrally located in Montijo. You will easily get access to different facilities such as banks, supermarkets, restaurants, public-private schools, hospitals, airports, etc.

2.   Get Golden Visa for Portugal

Once you have successfully invested in CasaPark, you will get Portugal’s golden visa. Through the golden visa, you can legally live, work, and study in Portugal for entirely five years. You can also invite your family to join you.

By getting a golden visa, you can also attain Portuguese citizenship after 5 years. You need to keep in mind that it is not necessary to live completely for 5 years; you can live for 35 days and will become eligible for becoming a Portuguese citizen.

3.   Apply for Portugal’s Citizenship

Once you have successfully fulfilled the eligibility criteria, you can further apply for citizenship, and 7Sky Immigration can further help you out with your migration.

However, you need to make sure that you have never been involved in any criminal activity and have the best health condition. Besides this, you may also require to pass a basic-level proficiency test for the Portuguese language.

Once you have got Portuguese citizenship, you are now a European citizen as well and can freely move across the whole Schengen area without requiring any Visa. You can also enjoy the same rights just as any other European citizen does and can benefit from tax exemptions.

Final Verdict: Settle in Portugal

In this article, we discussed the major cities of Portugal and also how to permanently settle in Portugal.

The cities of Portugal may have a little bit of difference from each other. What one city is offering may be lacking in the other. However, one must agree that each of Portugal’s cities has its charm, innovation, and attractiveness. Wherever you go, you can enjoy a high standard of life.

And by investing in a strategically located “CasaPark”, you can easily double your benefits as you can easily access daily life necessities and save extra costs.

So if you have made up your mind about moving to Portugal, you can consult with our immigration consultants and experts at 7Sky Immigration. They will help you start the golden visa investment in Lisbon, and successfully settle in Portugal.

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