Is It Worthy to Buy Property in Lisbon?

Located across the Iberian Peninsula and on the southwestern side of Europe, Portugal is a country with excellent geography and a great choice if you have long-term plans for abroad and want to live for a lifetime. But if you are facing difficulty deciding which city is the best for your residence; then there is no best answer to your question other than Lisbon. 7Sky Immigration is presenting this guide before you. This way you can better understand if you should live and buy property in Lisbon or not.

Aside from this, you can view other different mesmerizing and jaw-dropping sceneries across the city. This city is also known for its awesome, traditional, and mouth-watering seafood. You can view a lot of historical sites, buildings, and monuments in Lisbon.

Besides this, Lisbon is also known for its strong and continuously flourishing real estate market. This is the reason everyone, especially business persons, investors, etc. is more than keen to make it to Portugal successfully.

With each passing day, the real estate market is witnessing consistent growth. Though, property prices may be more expensive than in other cities but still more affordable than the other parts of Europe.

Still, a lot of people do exist in this world who want to know why to choose Lisbon only even though there are many other places where you can settle down. The reason is that Lisbon is extremely affordable, and the safest city to live in.

What Are the Benefits of Living in Lisbon, Portugal?

There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy while living in Lisbon, below are some of them:

  • The local citizens and residents are highly friendly with immigrants and treat them with great kindness. Not only this but they are disciplined as well.
  • Lisbon is one of the major hotspots for tourists as there are a lot of activities to do. You can spend your time with your loved ones across beaches and resorts. Besides this, you will be able to see attractive viewpoints from the series of descending hills. You can also do other different activities such as swimming, rowing, fishing, hiking, cycling, and many others.
  • Lisbon is quite famous for its traditional and delicious seafood. Here you can try different sorts of famous foods like “Polvo à lagareiro”, “Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato”, “Gambas com alho”, “Arroz de marisco”, and “Sardines” etc.
  • Lisbon is known for its quality of life and is one of the safest places in the world. The political climate has been quite stable in Lisbon for many years and the crime rate is significantly lower, special thanks to its judicial and police system.
  • Being the richest city and important trade center of Portugal, you will find a lot of job opportunities in Lisbon ranging from oil fields, logistics, manufacturing, media, childcare, Information Technology, and many others.
  • In Lisbon, you will find a lot of different public and private educational institutes whose degrees are well-recognized all over the world. The most likable thing about these institutes is that they offer quality education as well as practical knowledge. This will help students to develop strong skills which will be helpful in their professional life and make their careers remarkable.

Why Should You Invest in Lisbon’s Real Estate Market?

Besides the quality of life and other benefits of living in Lisbon, the real estate market of Lisbon, Portugal is well-established and is witnessing consistent growth.

Still, there are a lot of investors and business persons who keep searching for the best place for real estate investment. Lisbon is an ideal place for property investment so there is no need to waste your valuable time and money.

The demand for property is rising due to which prices are getting higher. But still when you compare Lisbon’s real estate market with other fellow cities and European countries; it is still affordable.

The benefit of considering a property purchase in Lisbon is that you don’t have to face any kind of restrictions or involve yourself in lengthy and complex paperwork. Just a Tax Identification Number (NIF) is required for opening a Portuguese Bank Account and then you can easily proceed afterward.

Why Should You Buy Property in Lisbon?

If you buy property in Lisbon, you will be eligible for Golden Visa for Portugal.

Besides this, you can enjoy exemption from inheritance taxes and different incentives, especially for retired persons.

The Golden Visa scheme was introduced back in October 2012 by Portugal with the purpose of reversing the brutal effects caused by the economic downfall in 2008.

Under the golden visa program, the Portuguese government encourages foreign internationals to do certain investments in Portugal such as:

  • Capital Transfer to a Portuguese Bank Account
  • Creation of a minimum of 10 jobs
  • Contributing to a technological or scientific research
  • Investing in the national heritage of Portugal

However, as compared to these methods, real estate is the fast and most reliable method to secure a golden visa. You only require 280,000 to 350,000 Euros to invest in a property.

Once you get a golden visa, you get a 5-year residence permit and can also work, study, and live in Portugal for 5 years. Besides this, you can invite your family to join you through naturalization or family reunification.

The major benefit of a golden visa is that it opens your path toward Portuguese Citizenship. Once you get Portuguese citizenship, you as a European/Portuguese citizen can enjoy all rights and facilities just like other EU locals do.

Not only this but you can also travel in different Schengen countries of your choice without any Visa. That sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Once you become a participant in the Golden Visa Program in Portugal, then there is no need to spend the entire 5 years in Portugal. You can live for 7 days in the first year and 14 days respectively in the next two years to get qualified for Portugal’s citizenship.

What 7Sky Immigration Will Do for You?

Being the best second passport service in Lahore and Pakistan, 7Sky Immigration understands how important it is for you to successfully reach your dream destination and make it possible to enjoy a high living standard for a lifetime.

That is why 7Sky Immigration is proud to announce the launch of the residential project CasaPark.

CasaPark is a union of 18 different luxurious apartments. Within these apartments, you will visualize a perfect interior design, and feel a relaxed environment. In our apartments, you will comprise of fully equipped kitchen containing all the necessary tools and equipment for perfect cooking.

The floors are of wood and ceramic. Besides this, thermal protection is available so that the residents who are sensitive to heat or temperature change do not feel uncomfortable. Besides this, providing thermal protection can help reduce excessive cooling and heating expenses for the residents.

Benefits of Investing in CasaPark

The benefits of investing in CasaPark are similar to purchasing any other property. However, the only difference is that you will enjoy better facilities in CasaPark such as a swimming pool and private parking.

CasaPark is getting successful with the passage of time; thanks to its strategic location. As CasaPark is located in the middle of the city, you will get a lot of different advantages.

First of all, it will be quite easy for you to access all daily life facilities such as healthcare, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, and many others at shorter distances. Aside from that, public and private schools are just a few distances away from the residential development; this way your children will always reach school on time.

Lisbon Airport and Allegro Shopping Center (known for being valuable, dynamic, and quality) are also located near the residential development.

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed the advantages of living in Portugal and investing in Lisbon’s real estate. Therefore, by reading this guide, everyone can decide if they should live and buy property in Lisbon.

For the past few years, Pakistan is already facing a serious economic fallout due to various reasons. Therefore, a certain level of uncertainty has developed among Pakistani people about their future. Most people have agreed that their future is not secure sufficiently. This is why there is a need for some alternative or backup plan.

There is a high trend among Pakistani people going to Europe for work and pursuing higher studies. 7Sky Immigration‘s golden visa program in Lisbon is best for securing your future and improving your living standard.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get immediate assistance from our immigration experts. Buy Property in Lisbon and prepare to live in your dream country.

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