Portugal Citizenship & Second Passport by Investment
Minimum Investment N/A (Donation)
Real Estate € 280,000
Time to Citizenship 5 Years
Visa Free Access 185+ Countries


Step 1

7 Sky immigration will pre-screen your passport copy for Government pre-approval. Down payment of Professional fees to open your application.

Step 2

7Sky immigration will assist and advise you with the collection of the documents required in the checklist.  We will assist in the translation of documents to Portuguese and legalization of the documents at the Portuguese Consulate.

Step 3

The investor will then visit Portugal in order to make the necessary investment in real estate, fixed deposit or a business development. During this visit, the investor will visit immigration services for the purposes of leaving fingerprints, pictures and biometric data.

Step 4

Once the investor returns to his home country, the funds required for the purchase of the property should be transferred to his/her bank account in Portugal.

Step 5

Once the purchase of the property is completed and the registration is done (which generally takes between 3 to 5 working days), the documents are submitted for the residency application together with the residency processing fees paid to Immigration Services.

Step 6

Once the residency application is submitted, the Immigration Services generally approve it within 3 to 4 weeks.

Step 6

After payment of the processing fee, the Immigration Services start processing the residency cards. This usually takes between 3 -4 weeks. Once the cards are issued, they will be sent by courier to Savory & Partners.

Step 8

Visit Portugal for 1 week a year for 5 years to fulfill the residency requirement.


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