Indonesia visa : The gem of Southeast Asia!

Indonesia visa:

Travel to Indonesia and Explore the Beautiful Places of Indonesia

Indonesia might not be the top destination in your travel bucket list but Indonesia is a hidden gem in Southeast Asia. If you are planning to travel on a budget then Indonesia should be on your list! Indonesia is home to the second-largest tropical forest in the world. Being a large country, Indonesia covers many time-zones. One of the biggest attractions of this country is its diversity. Indonesia is also famous for its mysterious Balinese spirituality.
Indonesia is the largest nation in Southeast Asia. It is the land of 17,000 islands. It is well-known for dramatic landscapes, beaches, and volcanoes. Indonesia is also famous for the world’s most famous kite festivals. Being the melting pot of cultures, it is famous for its vibrant festivals that are held throughout the year. Indonesia is among the most popular destinations because its natural ecosystem is quite well-preserved.
Indonesia has one of the best local crafts, handiwork, art, and wood cravings. For wildlife enthusiasts, it has a Komodo Dragon National Park. Indonesia has also one of the largest populations of Orangutans.
In Indonesia, Bali is the hotspot for tourists. There are so many attractions of its own that it seems like a country in itself. Lush landscapes of rice fields and incredible beach resorts make this place mesmerizing.
It is also one of the best places for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is home to 20% of the world’s coral reefs. The Indonesian cuisine is so diverse that you can try a new dish every day and still won’t have enough of it. From street food to the restaurants, everything about Indonesian cuisine is mouth-watering. The indigenous spices make Indonesian food uniquely flavorful. Indonesia is the world’s 6th largest producer of bananas. This fruit has a central importance in Indonesian culinary. This country is also a famous Buddhist site. It has one of the world’s largest Buddhist temples with over 500 Buddha statues.
It has also the world’s finest luxury spa resorts. Seaweed wraps, fish spas, and aromatherapy are the most popular ones. In Indonesia, you can shop till you drop. The city of Bandung has an extensive range of factory outlets. You can buy several luxury items and knock-offs here at the best rates in the region.
Indonesian people are friendly and passionate about sharing their history and culture with travelers. Be it street hawkers or others in general, everyone loves to help tourists.
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