How To Get Residency and Citizenship for Portugal From Pakistan?

Portugal is one of the most developed and peaceful countries in Europe that is massively known for its tourism, amazing landscapes, traditional cuisine, and mesmerizing architecture. 

So if you are from Pakistan and want some advice regarding residency and citizenship in Portugal, then you should consider the professional services of 7Sky Immigration

Why Choose Portugal?

Portugal is highly significant for business owners as well as investors. The optimum climate and attractive lifestyle are what exactly make Portugal an irresistible destination for non-European people. You can see the reflection of rich historical roots within the spectacular infrastructure of its cities.

After 2008, Portugal witnessed a miraculous economic takeoff. The majority of sectors are expanding and offering investment opportunities. Therefore, you can improve your living standard and enjoy the best healthcare facilities and job and study opportunities in world-class institutes.

Step-by-Step Requirements for Portugal Citizenship

Portugal’s passport is the 5th most popular passport in the world. Its strong culture and economy are why people want to reside in it. 

7Sky Immigration always tries to provide the best possible solutions, which is why it began to offer the “Portugal Citizenship by Investment” program in 2012. You can move along with your family and get Portugal’s residency and citizenship as well. 

Procedure Involved Portugal Passport Investment Program

The following are the main steps for application:

  • First, you must choose an investment method, start the legal procedure, and open a bank account.
  • Then you’ll have to provide biometric information and documents after submitting your residence permit.

By completing these steps, a residence permit will be issued for two years, which you can renew after one year.

Usually, the citizenship process takes six months. But everything will speed up with the Best Golden Visa Portugal Consultants 7Sky Immigration’s services.

How to Get a Residency in Portugal?

To get Residency, you need a Second Passport and Golden Visa for Portugal, which you can get after fulfilling the following requirements: 

  • ID Card and two passport-size photographs
  • A licensed personality approval
  • Clear Illegal History
  • Health license indicating best health of applicant and family

You also need to invest in capital transfer, property purchase, etc. However, Real Estate is the most immediate and secure form of investment. You can simply buy property in Lisbon Portugal.

Once you have made the investment, you will get a Portugal golden visa, and a residence permit will be issued for two years, which you can renew after one year.

A temporary residence for at least 5 years, studying and working in Portugal, falls among Golden Visa Portugal Properties.

How to Get Portugal Citizenship?

If you want to become a Portuguese Citizen, then getting a residence via Golden Visa Program in Portugal is necessary to fulfill the eligibility criteria for citizenship. 

The good news is that Portugal offers you multiple citizenships without getting rid of your current nationality. However, you need to confirm if your country allows you to have dual citizenship.

After becoming a Portuguese resident, you just need to spend at least 35 days within the time period of 5 years, and this will qualify you for becoming a Portuguese Citizen.

Benefits of the “Portugal Citizenship By Investment” program

Below are significant benefits you can enjoy as a Portuguese Citizen:

  • You can enjoy the same rights as any other European Citizen.
  • Portuguese Citizenship allows you to travel to Schengen Area and other countries without any Visa.
  • Students can get quality education from high-ranked institutes at lower tuition fees.
  • Portugal offers a Non-Habitual Tax Regime (NHR) through which you can get tax reductions and exemptions.
  • Due to the solid Portuguese economy, you will get a higher ROI against your investments.
  • Social security benefits include Maternity, Unemployment, Pension Benefits, etc. 

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