Getting Started with Portugal Citizenship by Investment

When you move to Portugal, you enjoy a luxurious life and natural beauty. Not only this, but you can also enjoy a wonderful climate. The most important thing is that Portugal is one of the safe countries. So, when you get the nationality of Portugal, you can avail many benefits.

Further, it would help if you explored different ways to get nationality. But the best method is to get Portugal Citizenship by Investment.

The best thing to get nationality is if you have parents in Portugal. It is a better option than getting nationality by investing and living in Portugal for 5 years.

Here, we will discuss the way of getting citizenship by investment. It is the easiest method to get nationality using the services of 7Sky Immigration.

Getting Portugal Citizenship for Permanent Residency:

After you invest in the citizenship program, you can apply for residency in Portugal. Though you can explore different ways to get a residency. Remember, each way has different criteria based on the needs. The process of getting residency start when you apply for a visa.

Further, if you are already a national of the EU countries, then you can easily move and establish your business in Portugal.

After you get a residence permit, you have to keep it for at least 5 years. Then you can easily apply for getting Portugal Citizenship by Investment. However, the process for EU nationals is easy than for non-EU nationals.

Grounds for obtaining Portugal citizenship by investment

Now, non-EU nationals can easily get citizenship, but firstly, they need to get a Golden visa. After that, they can get a passport from the authority. To get help in the whole process, 7Sky Immigration is an ideal option. The following are the requirements that allow you to get nationality in Portugal:

  • You don’t need to live for five years in Portugal to get nationality. You need to live for 7 days a year. Other countries require you to live for 183 days, but Portugal doesn’t need it.
  • You should also be proficient in the Portuguese language
  • After getting the visa, you can move to Portugal whenever you want. You also have the option to travel to Schengen areas without a visa.

Why Choose Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

Suppose we talk about the ranking power of Portugal passports. Then it is true that the passport is number 3 among all other passports. Further, the main benefit that you can avail of from a passport is getting the nationality. It helps you to travel to different European countries without a visa.

The scheme to get the nationality of Portugal is very interesting. It allows you to get dual nationality and also residency. For this, you don’t need to lose your current nationality and also don’t need to live in Portugal.

Portugal Citizenship by Investment also allows you to vote and speak Portuguese. So, you must reach out to the right company to help avail of these benefits.

Citizenship through Investment: Portugal Golden Visa

The golden visa of Portugal was launched in 2012 and was the most famous of all. The visa aims to attract foreign investors. So, they invest in Portugal’s economy and avail many benefits in return. So, it will help Portugal’s economy to boost more.

However, you have several options to get a Golden visa to Portugal.

  • Investment in real estate
  • Fund investment
  • Capital transfer
  • Creation of almost 50 jobs
  • Donate some amount

It is the thought of many people to get nationality in Portugal. You have to purchase a less expensive property. So, if you buy real estate in a low-populated area, it is the better thing that will allow you to buy urban areas and renovate them.

Final Verdict:

Now, it is not difficult for non-EU nationals to get the nationality of Portugal. They have to invest in getting a Golden visa. After getting a visa, they can apply for residency for five years. After five years, they can easily get Portugal Citizenship by Investment. It is the time when you can avail benefits and a luxurious life.

7Sky Immigration helps you a lot to get nationality. It provides you with complete information about getting citizenship.

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