Foreigners work Permit in Pakistan

Foreigners work Permit in Pakistan:

Are you planning to bring your business to Pakistan? Or are you thinking about expanding your existing venture to a multi-national level? Pakistan is a land of great opportunities for business investors. The strategic geographical location and the business ecosystem of Pakistan are ideal for starting a new venture or investing for the future. The policy framework of Pakistan is quite favorable for business investors. In recent years, Pakistan has become a hub of foreign investments, both at a private and governmental level. If you are mission-driven to expand your business to Pakistan, then the first thing that comes to question is that how are you going to manage the human resource?

Do you want to hire local Pakistanis?  Will you be bringing your employees from the parent company to Pakistan? Are you planning to hire foreigners to come and work in Pakistan? No matter whatever your agenda is, we have a plan for you!

If a non-national wants to work in Pakistan, then he/she will require a work permit. Being a foreigner in Pakistan (or any other country for that case), it is plausible to be unaware of the immigration processes and laws of the region. Getting a work permit in Pakistan is not as complicated as it might sound. All you need is an expert consultation, and then you are good to go! Easy work permit for Foreigners in Pakistan service providing by 7sky immigration. Foreigners work Permit in Pakistan, Foreigners jobs in Pakistan.

An outstanding immigration firm like 7 Sky Immigration will always extend its services to offer you a one-stop solution to your entire work visa and permit requirements. We handle all issues of compliance, including employer record for the entire expansion. While you are planning to expand your business and busy with the nitty-gritty of a new venture, we will make sure that your workers board the plane before your new office inaugurates!

If you are a foreigner planning to work with a Pakistani company or at a regional branch of the parent company abroad, you don’t have to worry! We have a plan for you too as we also deal with foreigner’s work permits in Pakistan on an individual basis. Foreigners work Permit in Pakistan service provides by 7sky

For the first time in Pakistan, we are offering our services for foreigner’s work permits in Pakistan, like none other. We not only help foreign corporate workers to avail of the amazing opportunities of working in Pakistan, but we also offer our services to the domestic helpers! We have a “fair-to-all” policy. We offer work permit services to maids and other domestic help as well.

Hang on! Our services are also available for the locals and nationals of Pakistan too! Want a foreigner to work as your secretary or a manager? We will assist you in the entire process.

So the next time if someone asks you about the foreigner’s work permit in Pakistan, you will probably tell them where to go!

Easy work permit for Foreigners in pakistan service providing by 7sky immigration Lahore. Foreigners work Permit in Pakistan, Foreigners jobs in Pakistan. All Details, Online visa Application available.

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