Definitive Guide About Turkey Citizenship by Investment

If you live in Turkey, then it means you are living in impressive scenery. The country is surrounded by the beautiful sea and offers tasty food. The people of Turkey are very warm and welcoming. The lifestyle of Turkish people is very vibrant as compared to other countries. However, Turkey is located on the border of Europe and Asia. So, it has an excellent geographic location.

Now, who doesn’t want to go and live in Turkey? You all want to live a standard life in your favorite country. So, you can get Turkey Citizenship and standard life.

Choosing Turkey Citizenship Program:

As many countries are offering residency to foreigners. So, when other countries had gained fame in this regard. Then Turkey also decided to provide Turkish citizenship. The main reason that attracts many foreigners to invest is that they can get visa-free travel opportunities.

It is little knowledge about Turkey. Now you have to know many other most important things. For this, you don’t need to go anywhere because 7Sky Immigration will guide you.

How Can You Apply for the Turkey Citizenship?

The following is the process of applying for Turkey Citizenship:

Choose a Qualifying Investment:

As you have several options of investment to choose the best one. So, it is good to ask your advisor which option is the best. Tell him everything about your financial status, family, and goals.

Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility:

Based on the investment that you make, several authorities are responsible for issuing a certificate. You can invest in real estate, and it is the best investment option. For this, you have to approach the Turkish Directorate of Registry.

Open a Turkish Bank Account:

After you have chosen the investment option, you need to open a bank account. Then you have to deposit the money that you want to invest. To open an account, you can get help from your advisor.

Apply for a Turkish Residence Permit:

After the approval of investment, you have to apply for a residency permit. You can get this permit after some time. Then you have the right to live in Turkey and finalize your investment. Then you can apply for Turkey Citizenship.

Make your investment:

After you finalize your investment, you can get all documents, certificates, and other things. These are important for the nationality application.

Apply for Turkey Citizenship:

After you have invested in any program according to your criteria, then you can apply for Turkish nationality at the Directorate of citizenship. It takes almost four months for the approval of the application.

Benefits of Availing Turkey Citizenship:

7Sky Immigration helps you to get many benefits by availing of Turkish nationality. The following are the main benefits that you can get:

Live, Work, and Study in Turkey

After you get Turkey Citizenship, then you have several rights. You can freely study, live and work in any part of Turkey. It means you have the option to generate income from your property. Though if you are interested in moving to Turkey along with your family. Then you don’t need to worry about the best education for your kids. It is possible because a visa is given to all family members.

Quick Path to Citizenship

Investment to get Turkish nationality is an easy and fast option. After your investment in real estate, you can get a Turkish passport within two months. Consider two months after submission of the application.

Family Reunion

The applicant can bring his partner, children, and parents. So, the option to get free healthcare for all family members is always there.

Relocate to the UK

If you decide to relocate to the UK, then Turkey Citizenship is an ideal option. You have to apply for a business visa and obtain nationality.

No Residency or language Requirements

Don’t think you must live for years or months to get nationality. There is no fixed time for the applicant to live to get nationality. But you can go to Turkey if you are interested in being familiar with the Turkish language.

Final Verdict:

Ultimately, we assure you that you don’t need to live for a long time in Turkey. It means you don’t have a residency requirement to get Turkey Citizenship. You can apply for a simple visa and nationality by living in your country.

For taking complete help in the whole process, you must hire 7Sky Immigration. The company will ensure you that all your work will be done in time. So, we suggest you relocate to Turkey and get the life you have dreamed of!

Now you don’t need to think about your immigration process or get turkey citizenship. Here the team of experts will guide you about the entire immigration process privately!

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