Definitive Guide About Accessing Portugal Golden Visa by Investment

When we talk about the residency-by-investment program, we find Portugal Golden Visa by investment is one of the most popular options in the world. From the initial part of this program.

Many families look for this service and want to relocate to Portugal. It is the heart of Southwestern Europe. Why do you think Portugal Golden Visa is so famous?

The Residence Permit Program is a unique five-year residence investment program initiative for people living outside of Europe.

The beauty of Portugal is unavoidable. We can take the beautiful Atlantic coastline as an example. Or the eye-catching landscapes to its year-round weather. However, the golden visa permits eligible investors and their home members to live, perform, and study anywhere in Portugal.

Explore the Advantages of Portugal’s Golden Visa by Investment Program?

One appealing feature of the golden visa is the ability to add your dependent family to the application. However, your family may benefit from the same chances and a secondary residence in a secure and stable country!

The application can have the ensuing family members

  •  include:
  • Partner or Spouse
  • Kids under the age of 17 or 18
  • However, if they are willing to study full-time, moreover, a statement indicates that they are financially dependent on their parents.

Who is Suitable for Availing Portugal Golden Visa by Investment?


It is not important to consider your nationality a barrier. In the case of a Portuguese passport, you are free to apply. However, none of the non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are a problem—moreover, all are available at Portugal Golden Visa. For further queries, you can consult 7sky Immigration.


However, For Portugal Golden Visa by Investment, you need to be of at least 18 years of age.

Golden Visa Minimum Investment

An expert investment should need to be made by following every step professionally. You have to follow every rule and follow the guidance to get qualified for the program.

American Applicants to the Portugal Golden Visa

Moreover, Foreign real estate offers numerous benefits to US tax residents, making the program’s property investment option particularly appealing.

Requirements for Portugal Golden Visa by Investment:

Minimum Residence Requirement

The stay requirement for the Portugal Golden Visa program is short. However, Portugal requires Golden Visa holders to spend at least seven days a year in the country on average.

The revival cards will be useful and workable for three years. Also, the visa applicants must pay a minimum of twenty-one days privately in Portugal over the three-year term.

Make and Maintain Good Investment for around 5 Years

You should need to get support from an expert immigration company to get the documents done on time and perfectly. 

As the primary candidate, you must sustain the investment for the duration of dependents’ Golden Visa resident status.

Proper Documentation

While applying for the Portugal Golden Visa by Investment. However, you need to have some documents for the process. However, 7sky Immigration has specified all the documents for you to make it easy:

  • A passport copy, otherwise a travel document provided by the government.
  • Portugal’s Golden Visa by Investment needs to have proof of evidence. However, to justify the investment that is made by you as an applicant.
  • Suppose you have the investment done through real estate. However, a deed or promissory regarding the sale agreement needs along with the proof of payment deposit.
  • Suppose you’re investing in a fund. However, there is a subscription fund.
  • You will need to have a declaration by the Portuguese financial institution as a confirmation.
  • A supporting document to accept that you are in good health:
  • If you are living outside of Portugal, then you can easily get a visa internationally from an expert insurance company.
  • Clearance of your criminal record. However, to make sure that you are a compliant citizen:
  • A complete form is granting SEF access to criminal records in Portugal.
  • A sworn certification that the minimum investment criteria have been met for the required period of five years
  • Documents indicating compliance with both of the Portuguese Taxation Authority along with the approved Social Security system:
  • The fee for the ARI investment application has been received.

Final Verdict:

Are you thinking about what kind of investment to make? Moreover, Real estate is the most agreed upon. It is said to be the best type of investment for the Portugal Golden Visa. However, Real estate investors with Golden Visas have mostly chosen 7Sky Immigration for reliable and long-term investment destinations.

Choices to become a permanent resident or citizen are likely if the person achieves the qualifying investment. However, all standards are mentioned in Portuguese Immigration and nationality legislation.

Prospective Golden Visa candidates will make sure to have access to 7Sky Immigration’s real estate investment options. It also includes cash transfers and business creation.

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